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When the Soviet Union still existed and I was 11 years old, I visited Kaliningrad for the first time. From the memories - only a cloudy Baltic Sea and ant in an amber.


Travel to the Baltic Coast happened spontaneously. The car was rented right at the airport. Convenient.


We went to Grachevka under Svetlogorsk, where we rented a guest house. We wanted to get away from it all. The plot was with a beautiful garden and a spot for meditations by the pond. It smelled of a sanatorium-resort, a light autumn raining down dew on golden leaves and a transparent silence oppressed not a nervous breakdown of movement. It was necessary to stop. Little by little we got used to the format and chilled out.

Shoes for a stroll in the garden of the guest house. And a basket for collecting fruit, if you wish. That's so touching!

The Owners' Garden.

Landscape Design

Guest House in Grachevka.

Night convenience store.


The audience of travelers to Kaliningrad is divided into two large groups: one called 'Zelenogradsk', the other called 'Svetlogorsk'. Which group do you belong to? It turns out that we belong to the second group.

The only thing that clearly comes to mind about Svetlogorsk until now is an exaggerated peacefulness. One might say it’s excessive. It can make you dizzy, so if you need some excitement - you have to go to Kaliningrad and Zelenogradsk. Even having a car did not save from the feeling that you are the same ant in amber.

Viewpoint. With a paid elevator.

The restored embankment of Svetlogorsk.

The Embankment in Svetlogorsk.

Viewing platform and lift on the shore. High-tech.

From an architectural and modern perspective - A+!

The Svetlogorsk Embankment with stops.

Color and graphics for aesthetes. It hit me!

Very harmonious, agree? It's beautiful here.

Both your and our.

Architects respect. High marks!

You will like Svetlogorsk if the feeling of being a frozen ant in amber doesn't scare you. It's just like some sort of psychological pocket where you are like God behind a curtain. Quite peaceful.


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