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The Potato capital of the world


Many will be surprised to learn that the potato capital of the world is not Belarus at all. The country that is considered the birthplace of potatoes is located in South America and is called Peru.

Potato Peru

The homeland of potatoes is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. There are many mysterious sights in Peru, the history of which is known to very few. One of them is the legendary Machu Picchu, the Inca city lost in the clouds.

Peru also attracts with its fantastic nature, it is she who impresses the guests of the country with its diversity – wonderful mountain peaks, canyons and glaciers, tropical forests on the banks of the Amazon River and the most beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

Peruvian potatoes

It was in Peru that potato tubers began to be cultivated about 8000 years ago. An unusual feature of the country is that potatoes are called "Papa" there, because of its varieties, of which there are more than 4,000 species! Each variety differs in color, shape and size: potatoes in Peru are white, red, pink, orange and even blue and purple. There are also differences in shape and size: tiny balls that look like small cherries, pimply thin curved tubers, hefty potatoes the size of a pumpkin. Each potato dish uses its own variety.

Purple Peruvian potatoes

There is a scientific center in Peru that has been studying potatoes for many years and breeding new varieties. It is worth visiting museums dedicated to potatoes, there are a lot of them there. Potatoes are also considered a national treasure in Peru, and a large national holiday is organized in his honor on May 30, which is called Dia Nacional de la Rara (national potato day).

In modern Peru, potatoes are an important food item because they are very nutritious and healthy. In addition to edible varieties of potatoes, there are also wild species, the consumption of which can be dangerous to health due to the content of toxins.

What is useful for potatoes

Peruvian potatoes

This popular vegetable contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins B, C, K and P. Potatoes also contain a lot of fiber and protein – important substances for the body, which are mainly found in the peel. In addition, potatoes are rich in starch, contain protein in their composition and are a carbohydrate.

Potato dishes from Peru

Peruvian Papa rellena pie

Kausa (or kausa) is a family of cold snacks made on the basis of mashed potatoes with the addition of everything that is at hand – avocado, peppers, corn, beans, meat and other ingredients.

Papa rellena is a Peruvian pie, stuffed potatoes, in which potato mass is used instead of dough. The filling is meat or chicken, boiled egg, black olives and raisins.

Juancaina papas – boiled potatoes in a uniform, filled with a sauce of melted cheese, vegetable oil, milk and cream with lemon juice and black pepper.

The national dish of Peru Lomo saltado is a roast of marinated veal with potatoes.


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