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The safest countries in the world


We all want to feel safe and comfortable while on vacation or think about it when moving. Here are the TOP most peaceful countries where you can relax and feel completely safe. 

1. Iceland 

Iceland is officially recognized as the most peaceful and safe country in the world. There is an extremely low crime rate and no military conflicts at all. Dangerous animals and insects do not live on the island, and life-threatening infections are not common. Even the volcanoes located here do not pose a real threat. 

Children are quietly walking on the street without supervision, and on the outskirts people do not even lock their houses and cars. There are no inter-class conflicts in the country, since most of the population considers themselves to be middle class.

Icelanders are tolerant in matters of faith, gender and sexual orientation. The attitude towards tourists is friendly and calm. 

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

2. New Zealand 

The second line of safe countries is occupied by New Zealand. New Zealanders are a very friendly and friendly people. It is customary to greet even complete strangers on the streets, and a local resident will try to give the most detailed answer to any question. 

New Zealand is considered a safe country not only in terms of a low level of threat to health and life, but also in other respects, including economically.

The flora and fauna here are also relatively calm. There are no predators and dangerous insects. Most of the problems for tourists are related to left-hand traffic, so if you are going to travel around New Zealand "on your own", then take care of knowing the rules of the road. 

Milford Sound, New Zealand

3. Norway

Norway always occupies the honorable third place in the top three of the list of the safest countries — the real holder of the honorary title of the country with the highest level of population development, as well as one of the most peaceful and stable countries that clearly demonstrate their true friendliness to tourists and immigrants. 

Norway has a very low crime rate. They practically do not steal here and take care of the monuments of art. And the frequency of natural disasters is extremely low. 

Norway has excellent roads, excellent medicine and environmentally friendly products. There is nothing to prevent tourists from enjoying the amazing nature, and living peacefully and happily. 

Bryggen, Bergen, Norway

4. Ireland 

Almost all of the tourists coming to Ireland say that they feel a high level of security while traveling around the country.

Ireland has never participated in military operations in other countries. The country always adheres to a neutral position, despite all international conflicts, it has not participated in any act of aggression.

Discrimination based on gender, civil and family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or race is excluded in Ireland. 

Police officers in Ireland - Garda Siochana "guardians of peace", do not carry firearms and do not have the right to ask a resident of Ireland for documents or identification in a normal situation. You can safely approach a policeman on the street with any question. And the Irish police also have an official Twitter page. 

Quiraing, Portree, United Kingdom

5. Portugal 

Portugal is proud that, according to the Global Peace Index, it ranks third in the world and first among the countries of the European Union. The inhabitants of Portugal are law-abiding. They are friendly to immigrants and visitors of the country, ready to help them in a difficult situation. 

The quality of life in Portugal also includes other pleasant factors, such as the availability of good infrastructure, security, ease of obtaining various types of recreation and, of course, a mild climate.

Aveiro, Portugal

6. Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark is famous for its low crime rate and good standard of living. Nevertheless, it cannot be said that his crime rate is generally zero: you need to be on your guard in crowded places, as there are many immigrants in the country. 

Natural disasters in the country are rare, but they do happen. Floods, heavy rains and earthquakes are something that is really worth protecting in Denmark. 

7. Austria 

Environmental cleanliness, a high level of medicine, life, education, various services, economic and financial stability are the main features of Austria, thanks to which it is honorably included in 10 in all lists of the "best". 

Life in Austria can be described in several words: calm, measured, unhurried. Austrians do not have a pronounced mentality. But many who move to Austria say that it is not so easy to get used to the life of Austrians right away. 

Hallstatt, Austria

8. Switzerland

Freedom and security are always guaranteed to everyone in Switzerland.  In both urban and rural areas, living conditions in key terms such as income, health, climate and geographical location, political stability and security correspond to a high level.

Residents of this country do not even think about their safety at normal times, parents let their children go to school unaccompanied and even in the evening. There is peace and comfort here. 

Wengen, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


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