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Tired of the standard snow-white beaches in the style of "bounty"? Look at the variety of interesting beaches our world offers. Real beach exclusives for every taste.

Pink Beach, Bahamas

The sand of the beach on Harbor Island, in the Bahamas, is a rich pink color, and all thanks to the red corals and clam shells of foraminifera, which live in the coastal waters of the Caribbean Sea. Pink Sands Beach is considered the most beautiful beach on the planet according to Forbes. The coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean are good for swimming, the coral reef covers them from strong waves. The island is popular not only with tourists, but also with divers: diving on local reefs is fascinating and picturesque.

Black Beach with turtles, Hawaii

Punalu'u Beach is a unique black beach, the feature of which is not only dark volcanic sand, but also green Honu sea turtles. They can be photographed, but in no case should they be touched – disturbing animals is prohibited by federal law. And the locals also believe that everyone who carries sand away from Punalu is cursed. There are many underground springs with fresh water on the beach, so the water in this place is very cold and not as salty as on other beaches of the island. But tourists most often come here not to swim or sunbathe, but to watch and admire the turtles.

Hawaii. Panalu Beach

Hidden Beach of Love, Mexico

"Playa Del Amor" is a crystal clear natural pool, which was formed in a cave as a result of military tests. Surprisingly, it was these barbaric destructions that helped create one of the most beautiful and romantic places on the planet.

The Lost Coast, California

"Black Sands Beach" is an extremely beautiful and atmospheric beach. A great place for surfing enthusiasts. Also, a spotted gray whale lives off the coast, observations of which here result in a whole event. These 129 kilometers of pristine nature and black slate sand are a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Daredevils come here hoping to conquer the sheer cliffs. The water on the "Lost Coast" is crystal clear, but for beach holidays and swimming these beaches are perhaps too "wild".

Luminous beach Sea of Stars, Maldives

At night, the water on this beach glows thanks to plankton. Unicellular microorganisms begin to glow due to an electrical impulse that occurs as a result of movement. An incredible sight in the pleasant, warm waters of the Arabian Sea will not leave you without vivid impressions.

Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

"Hot water beach" is notable for the fact that thermal springs are located underground, the waters of which soak the sand of the beach. Numerous tourists and residents of Auckland come here to enjoy free spa treatments. At low tide, people dig holes where very hot water (~ 65 °C) is collected, which gradually cools down in cold air mixing with the surf.

Black Beach, Iceland

The "Black Beach" in the village of Vik is perhaps the most atmospheric and beautiful beach. The sea waves wash the shore in an unusual black color. The entire surface of the beach is filled with fine, purest, black volcanic sand without impurities of anthropogenic debris or stones, because the beach is usually cold, damp and therefore deserted, there is no one to litter. It is not surprising that the "Black Beach" has become the filming location for more than one fantastic film, the local landscapes bear little resemblance to familiar landscapes. Feelings of supernatural admiration, to the point of fear and goosebumps arise only from photographs of this incredible place.

Iceland, black beach in Vik

Glass Beach, California

Glass Beach used to be a landfill, then the authorities started cleaning up the territory, and the untidy small fragments of glass were polished by the waves and gradually the entire coast was strewn with thousands of colorful "glass beads". Now it is a safe and amazing place, millions of colorful, smooth, and beautiful pebbles decorate the beach, which is a landmark of the city.

Glass beach, California

Papakolea Beach, Hawaiian Islands

It is located on one of the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago. It is one of the two islands in the world that have a green color. The reason for such a bright color is the presence of a mineral in the composition of the sand — olivine. In addition to the beauty of the beach, vacationers can watch the flights of rare birds, and there is an extinct volcano crater near the beach.

Maho Beach, Saint Martin

The unique "highlight" of the beach is the aircraft that fly at an altitude of 10-20 meters above the heads of tourists when landing, which is a great opportunity for fans of interesting photographs and vivid impressions. This is one of the few places in the world where planes land and take off right over your head.

Panjin Red Beach, China

Panjin Beach, located on the Liaohe River, in Liaoning Province, is very unusual and beautiful. You can not sunbathe on this outlandish beach, and just lie down because it is covered not with pebbles or sand, but with a dense carpet of algae of the genus sveda. The red color of the beach is facilitated by seaweed, a weed that multiplies intensively when in contact with salt at certain times of the year.

Shell Beach, Australia

Shell Beach is another unique beach. And it's all about covering the beach — small shells. The high concentration of salt in this part of the Indian Ocean has led to an uncontrolled increase in the population of shellfish. As a result, millions of small shells cover the entire coastline for 110 kilometers in length. The shell Beach is part of Shark Bay, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a unique ecosystem.

Pig Beach, Bahamas

Pig Beach is an uninhabited island in the Exuma area. The island is a tourist attraction. They come to it to look at feral domestic pigs, who are absolutely not afraid of people, like to take water and sun treatments on the beach and take pictures with tourists.


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