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The most unusual airports in the world


The airport is a place of awe and anticipation, expectation and excitement, for many an airport is hours and minutes outside of time and space before a flight or after a trip. We will tell you about the most unusual air terminals in the world, where you can see amazing architectural solutions or interior features that will help pass the hours before the flight in a pleasant pastime.

Changi Airport in Singapore

The most famous, extremely beautiful and interesting airport is located in Singapore in the city of Changi. Here you can look at the waterfall "HSBC Rain Vortex", which is an installation of kinetic rain of colossal size and is a magical and addictive sight, and at night light shows are arranged here. The airport also features ten themed gardens, which are located both inside and outside the airport. A garden of water lilies, cacti, sculptural trees, orchids, a garden of sunflowers, a garden of butterflies and many others will not make you bored while waiting for a flight.

Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

Kansai Airport in Japan

The airport in Osaka is unique in that it is surrounded by water on all sides and built on an artificial island in the waters of Osaka Bay. The construction of such a difficult architectural structure is not accidental, there has been a "race" of technological progress in Japan for several decades. The Japanese decided that it was rational to use any available piece of land. At the moment, there are no analogues of Kansai Airport as such a bold, original and difficult solution.

Kasai International Airport, Osaka, Japan (Kansai International Airport Terminal, Osaka)

Courchevel Airport

This unique airfield in France is located right in the middle of the Alps. The runway is located at an angle of 18, so at the same time it is not exactly a strip, but rather an undulating road, with difficult weather conditions. Takeoffs and landings at such an airfield are a kind of attraction and an adrenaline adventure. Only small planes and helicopters under the control of pilots specially qualified for this place land here.

Courchevel Airport, France

Princess Juliana Airport

The airport on the island of Saint Martin, in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, is considered one of the most dangerous not only for passengers and crew, but also for beach visitors: it is located right on the seashore, close to Maho beach. When landing, aircraft fly at an altitude of 10-20 meters above the heads of tourists, which is a great opportunity for fans of interesting photographs and vivid impressions.

Princess Juliana Airport on the island of Saint Martin, Caribbean

Cristiano Ronaldo Airport

Madeira Airport in Portugal is interesting for its location and its specific runway, a significant part of which is an overpass located above the water. Funchal Airport (or Santa Catarina Airport - other airport names), is the main international airport in the autonomous region and the archipelago of Madeira.

Cristiano Ronaldo Airport (Madeira Airport)

Gibraltar Airport

The amazing airport is located on the compact Gibraltar Peninsula in southern Spain. It is unique in that one part of the runway goes several hundred meters into the sea, and the other part intersects with the existing highway. When planes take off or land, the movement of cars and pedestrians is stopped by special traffic lights and barriers.

Gibraltar Airport (Gibraltar Airport Main Highway)

Daocheng Yading Airport

The highest-altitude Yading Airport (Daocheng Yading Airport) is located in China in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garze in Sichuan Province. The civil airport was built at an altitude of 4411 meters above sea level. Next to the airport there is the Yadin Nature Reserve, which, thanks to this airport, an uninterrupted flow of tourists is organized.

Yading Airport (Daocheng Yading Airport) in Sichuan Province, China

Rongotai Airport

Wellington International Airport, located 7 kilometers southeast of the central district of the capital of New Zealand, is interesting for its works of art dedicated to the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Here you can see installations such as a giant Gollum, which is fishing right under the ceiling of the main terminal, or Gandalf, who sits astride a huge eagle, and many other subjects. Thanks to this interior design, guests of New Zealand immediately immerse themselves in a fabulous atmosphere upon arrival.

Wellington International Airport, New Zealand

Vancouver Airport

The most comfortable airport is Vancouver International Airport in Canada. Here you can find complete peace and plunge into nature and tranquility. Due to the abundance of plants and natural areas, the airport is more like a museum reserve. Arriving people from flights travel on an escalator passing through a waterfall, and in the lounges and waiting rooms you can find natural islands with fish. There is also the largest collection of national art in Canada. Huge wooden statues, majestic works of art and much more can be found here.

Vancouver International Airport, Canada

Ice Runway Airport

The McMurdo Ice Runway is not really an airport, but one of the most famous runways. There is no asphalt, no embankment, only packed snow and ice. Cargo planes bring special cargo and passengers here to the nearby largest settlement of Antarctica, McMurdo. The danger of falling through the ice for airplanes is quite high, but at the same time the strip accepts cargo liners and airplanes of impressive size.

Ice Runway (McMurdo Ice Runway)

Denver International Airport

The airport is a place of stress for many. For such cases, the Denver International Airport has a therapeutic animal squad. Special people are on duty with pets, dressed in uniforms with the inscription "Pet me", and run to help as soon as there is a flight delay or loss of luggage.

Denver International Airport, USA

Ashgabat Airport

This airport was included in the Guinness Book of Records due to the largest building in the form of a bird. The object is made in the form of a falcon with the widest wingspan, and inside the building there is the largest image of gels, a traditional ornament of the Turkmen carpet. The airport impresses with its grandeur and small details.

Ashgabat International Airport


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