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Where are the best seats on the plane?


During a long flight, you always want to feel comfortable and safe. Therefore, we will try to explain which places are better to book and why.

The nose of the aircraft

Let's start looking at the plane from the nose. Usually the front rows are business or comfort class. It is followed by a partition and economy class. So the places behind this partition are both good and bad at the same time. They are good because you can stretch your legs there and spread out like a king. But, as a rule, families with young children buy tickets there, so children's crying and fuss will accompany your flight in these rows.

The closer to the beginning, the greater the choice of drinks and food. There is not always enough chicken or fish and some drinks to reach the tail of the plane. Therefore, having a seat in the face of an airplane, you have a significant advantage in terms of gastronomy.

Seats at the wings

Some mistakenly believe that the places near the wings increase the imaginary danger. In fact, during turbulence, those sitting at the wings will shake the least, for obvious physical and mathematical reasons. Also, in the middle of the cabin there are usually evacuation exits, which have seats in which you can stretch your legs. Also, the places near the wings are good because you can take a beautiful photo of the view from the porthole with the wing of the aircraft. Also, seats at the wings are always cheaper. But it is sometimes difficult to fall asleep on the wings, since the sound of the turbines is quite noticeable and does not always allow you to fall asleep, especially if you are sitting by the window. Earplugs or headphones will come in handy here.

The tail section

The safest place on an airplane is the tail section, or simply the tail. But there are also disadvantages. The most unpleasant thing is the proximity of the bathrooms. As much as I would like, the traditional queues and the corresponding sounds and atmosphere will be characteristic here. And, as we said earlier, the food carts do not always reach the tail of the plane in full.

By the aisle, in the middle, or by the window?

If you want to have quick access to the toilet and a little more legroom, then it's better to choose a place near the aisle.

If you have plans to take a nap or take photos from the porthole, then choose a place by the window.

Should I pay for the choice of a place in advance?

Not all passengers pay for seat reservations in advance. In this case, the airline companies are seated in a random order. The world's largest carriers, if there are not many passengers on the flight, automatically give out seats bypassing the middle seats. By the way, a small life hack: if you are checking in at the reception, do not hesitate to ask for a place convenient for you – there is always a chance to get a seat by the window, in the aisle or even an extended one near the evacuation exits.

How to fly together (without a third passenger) in a row?

There is a little trick – book two seats in advance – one by the window, the other in the aisle. It is advisable to take seats a little further than the middle of the cabin. Other passengers, choosing seats in advance, are likely to miss your row.

There is always a chance that there will not be a full landing on the flight – in this case, those passengers who did not pay for the choice of seats will first receive seats at the edges in the tail section, and then, starting from the first rows, they will begin to fill the middle seats. If the trick does not work, and there is a passenger between you, you can always ask to switch places.

Have a good flight and pleasant air travel!


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