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Where to spend your honeymoon


A honeymoon is an opportunity to go on a trip with your couple. If you don't know where to spend your honeymoon or romantic tour, then here are the best places to do it.

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country with clean white sand and crystal clear waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas. There are coral reefs, palm trees, an abundance of tropical fruits, an atmosphere of serenity and unhurriedness for the best rest together. Sandy beaches, excursions, exotic cuisine, walks, diving, mountaineering, tropical plants and all the best for complete relaxation and privacy with magical nature and each other.


This country is suitable not only for family holidays and relaxation in hotels, it is also rich in romantic places. Newlyweds from all over the world come here for an unforgettable honeymoon. Oludeniz is the most popular resort for newlyweds. This is an amazingly beautiful place with a picturesque blue lagoon and unique mountain slopes. Oludeniz is not the only resort for a romantic holiday in Turkey. The whole country is literally packed with a huge number of places to relax with excellent views and high-class service. For active couples, there are also all kinds of entertainment: diving, hot air balloon flights and much more will make your honeymoon in Turkey unique.

The Blue Lagoon


Perhaps this is a country where every place is full of romance. Rome, Venice, Sicily, Verona, Tuscany, Florence and other Italian cities will immerse your couple in a magical journey. The most delicious food and the most beautiful views will not leave you indifferent. Wherever you go in Italy, you will find unusual landscapes and interesting sights. The atmosphere of Italy is magical and perfect for both active and relaxing holidays. And a huge number of tours for newlyweds can make such a vacation inexpensive and enjoyable.



People come to Greece from all over the world to celebrate lavish weddings. The island of Crete is the most beautiful place for a wedding and a further honeymoon tour. The Mediterranean Sea is famous for its beauty and tranquility, and holidays at its resorts will be truly sweet. And the mild climate and sandy beaches make this country the most pleasant place for comfortable gatherings with excellent national cuisine and beautiful views. It is worth noting that the country is so photogenic that the wedding photo shoot will be simply unforgettable! Prices for tours to Greece and its resorts can be found relatively low-cost.


Well, without France in the list of the most romantic places in the world! It's just a mecca for lovers of all ages and nationalities. The country is inextricably linked with love and romance. A wedding ceremony and a honeymoon in France will not leave you and your relatives without impressions. The Eiffel Tower and the castle in the Loire Valley, the villa or palace on the Cote d'Azur, the vineyards of Bordeaux, the lavender fields of Provence, medieval monasteries and castles, and historical mansions are the best places for weddings or honeymoons. France is not the most budget option for a wedding, but it is also not too expensive, so if you find a good tour or plan a vacation yourself, then all the impressions will pay off and you will never regret it.

Bali, Indonesia

Perhaps these are the places where you will have stunning views, delicious food and unforgettable impressions from the beginning to the end of your trip! The best option for an exotic ceremony or the most relaxing holiday, as in the advertisement. If you suddenly get bored on the snow-white beaches under the scorching sun, then Bali is very rich in terms of entertainment for outdoor activities. Surfing, snorkeling, rafting, elephant riding, visiting the volcano, the botanical garden and the zoo will make your vacation even more interesting. Most of all, I am glad that in Bali you can really find a budget vacation, the prices of hotels and the best food here do not bite at all.

The whole world is full of interesting places for lovers to relax. Choose what you like and relax with pleasure!


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