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What to give for the New Year to residents of different countries


Perhaps your friend or acquaintance lives in another country and you don't know what to give him. This post will help you find out what to give to residents of different countries for the New Year.

What to give to a Thai resident

Thai people are very practical, so you should not give useless things. One of the best gifts will be Russian chocolate, in Thailand it is expensive and not very tasty. It is better to take milk chocolate, as there are few lovers of bitter.

Wooden crafts or jewelry boxes – Thais will like such Russian souvenirs, they can decorate the house. Figurines and figurines are a wonderful gift, but you should not give traditional Russian brownies, Easter eggs, bells, horseshoes and the like, many Thais have matryoshkas, so choose a gift wisely. A souvenir is a great gift, a magnet, a baseball cap with the name of the country or a mug will appeal to a Thai.

It is not necessary to pack gifts, as tearing the packaging is considered greed and indecency. We advise you to put red and gold flowers in a bag, do not take black and blue, these colors are associated with mourning.

What to give to a resident of Turkey

Sweets - the inhabitants of Turkey have a sweet tooth, you can safely give a jar of condensed milk, halva, sweets, chocolates, mendal cookies, nougat, Turkish delight and similar goodies.

Souvenirs - matryoshka dolls, a tablecloth with patterns, painted dishes, wooden figurines and linen napkins will look organically in a Turkish house. It is not necessary to give flowers, it is not accepted in Turkey.

What to give an American

Amber jewelry is best suited – almost all Americans know that Russia is famous for its amber craft. If you are going to visit friends and want to please them with something, then grab an amber souvenir from duty-free.

Just like residents of other countries, Americans are pleased to receive traditional Russian souvenirs: a matryoshka doll, a doll in a national costume and a birch bark casket will give pleasure to any American. You won't find Russian sweets, honey and Tula gingerbread in America. Grab a pile of gingerbread and treat the foreigner. Pine nuts, many will be surprised, but pine nuts are difficult to export to other countries, so a bag of nuts will be appropriate.

What to give to a Spaniard

Honey, give the Spaniard Russian honey. As it turns out, Spaniards not only love honey, but are also very well versed in it, so they will appreciate your sweet gift. Sweets. There is nowhere without sweets, Tula gingerbread is known and loved in many countries.

Traditional souvenirs of Russian folk crafts – painted spoons, trays, figurines, caskets, jewelry. Everyone will enjoy the attention and a pleasant souvenir.

What to give a Frenchman

The French are great aesthetes, they will surely appreciate Vologda lace, down shawls and woolen products. A rare Frenchman will refuse handmade chocolate and traditional sweets. A gift option may be gzhel, khokhloma, Dymkovsky painting, crystal. Many French collectors will be glad to receive a real Russian samovar as a present.

Also, most French people will appreciate music records, books, postcards and handmade crafts.

Give gifts from the bottom of your heart! And congratulate travelers, relatives, friends and family! Happy New Year!


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