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10 Places in Asia that almost no One knows about


It is simply impossible to cover the whole of Asia, consisting of more than 40 countries, in one fell swoop. If you like Asia, and you have already explored all the famous Asian attractions, visited Tokyo and Hong Kong, frequented the beaches of Bali and Phuket, were impressed by the architecture of temples in Cambodia and India – it's time to dive into the less explored, and therefore even more attractive depths of Asia.

1. Ipoh, Malaysia

Perak, Malaysia, Ipoh

How's the picture? No, it's not Photoshop or 3D. This is one of the places in Malaysia that is not so popular in tourist guides. Being the capital of Perak State, Ipoh is located between Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown, making it an ideal stop for any trip around Malaysia. From here, Cameron Highlands is just a stone's throw away, an area known for its cool weather and luxurious tea plantations.

Local cuisine and world–famous white coffee are sufficient reasons to visit Ipoh, in addition, the magnificent limestone hills and caves, which house unique temples, are another reason to visit this amazing place.

Ipoh, Malaysia

Visit the Chinese temples of Perak Tong, Sam Po Tong and Kek Lok Tong and marvel at the intricate stone carvings and bronze statues of Chinese deities surrounded by stalactites. Ipoh's colonial heritage is also evident in its architecture, from the train station to the Clock Tower, the town hall and the old post office.

2. Gansu, China

The name of the north-central Chinese province of Gansu, most likely, does not mean anything, but exactly until you discover this unique place with amazing landscapes. Modern transport hubs of the Gansu Lanzhou administrative center make the entire province convenient for travel.

The pearl of the crown of Gansu will be the Buddhist Mogao Cave Complex (Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes), which was erected in 353-366 AD and is located 25 km from the Dunhuang Oasis. By the way, it was renovated in 2015 and is waiting for guests.

Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes

3. Isan, Thailand

No matter how popular Thailand is among foreign tourists, the northeast of the country, collectively called Isan, is usually overlooked. For seekers of less visited destinations, lovers of historical architecture, amazing landscapes and culinary delights, Isan will exceed all expectations.

Udon Thani, Thailand

Isan is a region in the northeast of Thailand, comprising 20 provinces. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure, including several domestic airports offering daily flights to Bangkok and other places, travelers will find Isan one of the little-known, but very hospitable and easily accessible destinations in Asia.

Attractions to visit are the ancient Khmer ruins of Phen Rung in Buriram, mountain national parks in Loei, the "Three Whale Rocks" in Bueng Kam and Bronze Age artifacts at the archaeological site of Ban Chiang in Udon Thani, listed by UNESCO.

Whale Rocks in Thailand (Three Whale Rock)

And then there's the local food. Isan cuisine, which is common in the menus of Thai restaurants around the world: som tom (green papaya salad), spicy Sai Grok Isan and larb, fragrant minced meat salad. You'll lick your fingers!

4. Nikko, Japan

Nikko is only 150 km north of Tokyo, but it seems to be a completely different world than the rest of Japan. This small city is a sanctuary of Shinto culture, and the Tosho–gu Temple Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is its key element.

Nikko, Tochigi, Japan

If the world is what you're looking for, Nikko is the place to find it. Nikko National Park with an area of 1,148 km2 is located in three prefectures and it impresses with impressive waterfalls, groves of spruce and cedar, carved rocks. The park is also home to some of Japan's famous natural hot springs, making Nikko an ideal place to travel in autumn or winter.

Nikko, Tochigi, Japan

5. Skardu, Pakistan


The Skardu district in the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan is a place of incredible beauty, the most famous highest mountain peaks of K2 are concentrated here. Deosai National Park is located on the second highest plateau in the world. Without the surrounding city lights, the stars are exceptionally bright here, and the Milky Way lies so close that you can reach it with your hand.

Skardu is dotted with ancient Buddhist carved stupas, beautifully preserved mosques of the Middle Ages and Sufi shrines, there is definitely something to do there.

And if you do not look at the sights, then there are not only mountains, but also Sarfaranga – the coldest desert in the world, filled with diamond-white sands surrounded by black mountains. You definitely haven't seen this anywhere else on the planet.

Sarfaranga Desert

There is a civilization in Skardu, you should not worry: the Serena hotel chain has turned the stunning Shigar Fort and the Khaplu Palace into two of the most well-maintained hotels in the country. Both are filled with gardens and eco-friendly wooden architecture. Very tasty regional dishes are served here – mamtu dumplings and grilled trout.

6. Meghalaya, India

The northeastern Indian state of Meghalaya – the "abode in the clouds" – boasts the most picturesque landscapes of the country.

The cities of Cherrapunji and Mawlinnong are located in Meghalaya, both record holders for the amount of precipitation on Earth. The result of such a record is an absolutely unique nature – lush green forests with rivers and streams that can be explored by crossing the famous Indian "living bridges" made of ficus tree roots, some of them older than 500 years. Look, it's just a fairy tale! A real jungle.

A bridge in the jungle

7. Tengchong, China

Tengchong is an urban county of Baoshan Urban District of Yunnan Province. If you want to see Yunnan through the eyes of an experienced historian, you will go to Tengchong, one of the points of the Great Silk Road.

Dagonggo Spring in the Rehai Scenic Area, Tengchong Volcanic Geothermal National Geological Park, Yunnan, China

The old town of Heshun, stone arched bridges, a laundry pavilion and an ancient library are the main iconic places of Tenchun. And for those who are interested in nature, let them immediately go to Yinxing – this is a village in the northern part of Tengchong. There are thousands of ginkgo trees here and every autumn Yinxing turns into gold!

8. Dalat, Vietnam

Not every traveler is ready to relax as a local, but the Vietnamese know great places. Thanks to the fresh mountain air and pine forests in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, Dalat is one of these places. Locals relax here – with families with children, with friends, alone. These are great places to spend time in beauty.

Dalat, Vietnam

Located around the romantic Xuan Huong Lake, Dalat can surprise with French colonial architecture and the so-called "Madhouse" created by architect Dang Viet Ng. Take a look for yourself, won't you?

Hang Nga Guest House in Vietnam

9. Pulau Ubin, Singapore

Did you think Singapore was about eternal parties and skyscrapers? Make sure of the opposite: on the shelf off the northeastern Changi region is Pulau Ubin - "granite island", a real paradise for wildlife lovers with jungle trails, mangroves and all kinds of tropical delights. It's easy to move around the island, don't be scared, everything is cultivated, but the island still remains very untouched.

Chek Jawa Wetlands

One of the most popular attractions of the island is Chek Jawa Wetlands – marine mangrove wetlands rich in wildlife. A well-built wooden boardwalk runs through the mangroves, allowing visitors to become part of the wildlife. This is an atypical vacation, you must agree.

10. Pakse, Laos

Head straight to the south of Laos to get other impressions of the country in Pakse, where two rivers converge into one in the country's second largest city.

The giant golden Buddha on Phu Salao Hill in Pakse, the Mekong at sunset, the Bolaven Plateau – you did not know such Laos yet.

Giant Golden Buddha on Phu Salao Hill

By the way, the cuisine of Laos is very saturated with national traditions, but if you really want Tom yam, you will definitely find it here.

Street food in Laos


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