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TOP 10 gastronomic capitals of the world


Everyone knows where the most delicious food is in the city of their residence, a bakery or bakery that you can visit on holidays or when guests arrive. But what is the name of a city where all residents and tourists visit restaurants more often than they eat at home? That's right – the gastronomic capital!

1. Paris. France

It's no secret that Parisians have always been masters of haute cuisine. Chefs pay attention to every detail: so that the crust of the bread is crispy, the butter has the right temperature, and the dough is moderately crumbly. Croissants are the hallmark of Paris, you can't just come to Paris and not try a local croissant. It was the French chefs who became the founders of such concepts as: broth, omelet, mayonnaise, entrecote. Wine, calvados and cognac are popular among alcoholic beverages. In general, you can visit Paris on a gastronomic tour to try all the most delicious things. For sure, this will be the most delicious trip!

2. New York, USA

New York is not only a city of great opportunities and tall skyscrapers, but also a city of very tasty food. On one street there can be hundreds of cozy cafes, family bakeries, expensive restaurants, coffee shops, street food trucks and many more things that you can taste. Since New York is divided into districts, each of them has its own unique types of food, the more expensive the area, the more restaurants, the more budget-friendly the more cheap establishments. The city is full of diverse cuisine and every day there are more and more Americans who know a lot about delicious food! There are so many varieties of delicacies that it is simply impossible to single out one thing here.

3. London. Great Britain

In London, you can find an institution for every taste. More than 70 establishments have Michelin stars. London is famous for tea parties and interesting serving of dishes. As well as molecular cuisine, which is very popular and is a local gastronomic attraction. The British know how to make a meal unforgettable!

4. Tokyo. Japan

Tokyo managed to beat Paris in the ranking of cities with the largest number of restaurants of the highest category. The capital of Japan is the record-breaking city for the number of Michelin-starred restaurants, with a total of 261 "Stars". Yes, there are stars, Michelin recognized Tokyo as the "Culinary capital of the world" in 2019. And the Japanese called mackerel the main gastronomic trend of that year. But the true essence of culinary Tokyo is small eateries serving terriaki, udon noodles, tempuro, yakitori, nabemono and eel dishes. It is simply impossible to pass by such establishments!

5. Rome. Italy

The whole country is rich in such delicious food that in any city in Italy you can find goodies in the form of pasta, lasagna, meat and much more and everything will be at the peak of gastronomic pleasure. Traveling to all corners of Italy, you can try a completely diverse, but delicious cuisine everywhere. Naples is the birthplace of pizza, Sardinia is rich in good meat, Umbria has famous truffles, Liguria is famous for pesto and basil, Tuscany is famous for wine. And Rome has absorbed all these riches into itself and attracts every tourist and local with its culinary masterpieces.

6. Barcelona, Spain

Spain is so rich in diverse cuisine that you can write treatises about it. It is considered one of the gastro–capitals of the world for a reason. The freshest fruits and vegetables, delicious seafood, cheeses, desserts, wines and an endless number of unusual dishes will not leave any traveler or local resident alone. In Barcelona, fairs and exhibitions dedicated to food, food tours and gastropops are constantly organized, but most of all the prices and choice for every taste are pleasing.

7. Brussels. Belgium

One of the most important business cities in Europe, Brussels, could not fail to meet the highest culinary standards. There are numerous luxurious establishments in the city, excellent seafood restaurants, a lot of grill bars, which is unusual for Europe. An impressive Italian sector and countless restaurants serving local cuisine that serve deep–fried mussels and waterborne - classic Belgian chowder, a traditional dish of Flanders.

8. Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia is a country famous for its unforgettable, one of the most delicious national cuisines in the world. Georgian cuisine is the main attraction of the country. Khinkali, khachapuri, cheese, wine, kharcho, churchkhella and much more are what most tourists go to Georgia for, after which it remains in their hearts forever. Georgian cuisine is quite popular in Russia, and everyone who has tried it at least once knows how superbly delicious it is.

9. Hong Kong

This culinary capital can be distinguished as the center of Asian cuisine of the world. In the old districts, you can find a huge number of establishments that serve traditional Asian dishes. But the central areas will surprise everyone with the quality of dishes from all over the world, because you can find both French and Italian cuisine and all the others too. Hong Kong is a city where any business begins and ends with a meal. Truly, this is the center of the Asian food industry.

10. Singapore

Sigapur, like no other city in the world, presents the high art of street food, culinary creativity and food service. This is how masterpieces like fried noodles with foie gras with rosemary sauce are born. It is worth coming here for a gastro tour to feel the diffusion of different cultures and the culinary identity inherent in this city.

Bon appetit to you! And have a good gastronomic trip!


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