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The Golden Ring of Russia. What to watch?


The Golden Ring of Russia is a famous route from 8 cities: Sergiev PosadPereslavl-ZalesskyRostov VelikyYaroslavlKostromaIvanovoSuzdalVladimir is worth your attention for travelers. Interesting sights, beautiful views and many other pleasures will meet and accompany you with kind memories.

Sergiev Posad

Let's start our journey along the Golden Ring from Sergiev Posad. This is a peaceful town that impresses with the beauty of its ancient buildings, rich nature and an extraordinary, calm atmosphere and long history. There are many interesting sights in the city, from different parts of the world people come here to see the largest monastery in Russia — the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. This architectural ensemble is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city also boasts majestic temples and churches, green parks, beautiful streets, picturesque ponds and unusual museums.


The next point of our trip is Pereslavl-Zalessky. Historical sights such as the Kremlin and city ramparts, churches and monasteries have been preserved here, there are museums of iron, kettle, radio, steam locomotives, the history of money and even cunning and ingenuity. The main natural point of attraction is the majestic Pleshcheyevo Lake. And they also fly balloons in Pereslavl-Zalessky!

Goritsky Assumption Monastery

Rostov the Great

Rostov Veliky is an ancient town with a lot of medieval sights, it is much older than Vladimir and Moscow, and is considered the same age as Murom and Suzdal. The cozy place of the Yaroslavl region is distinguished by the presence of a large number of objects reflecting the entire history of ancient Greek architecture, traditions and customs of Russia. There are many attractions here: temples and monasteries, numerous museums, parks, a Craft yard and the interesting Rostov Kremlin.


The oldest fortress city at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosli rivers is Yaroslavl, which has incomparable sights in beauty and uniqueness. The so–called Strelka Park at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosli, where there is a monument in honor of the founding of the city, tops the list of the best places to relax. The park itself is two-level and it is full of attractions. You can't get around the sights of Yaroslavl in one day. Yaroslavl is recognized as the capital of the Golden Ring.


Kostroma is a city with unforgettable sights. It is located on the Kostroma lowland, northeast of Moscow, at the old mouth of the Kostroma River and on both banks of the Volga River. Kostroma is also considered the cheese capital of Russia, and Kostroma cheese is known to everyone. Here you can taste real Kostroma cheese if you visit the Cheese Museum, and buy a souvenir for relatives and friends.


The city of Ivanovo is quite young, but still has many interesting sights. Churches, architectural monuments, original museums, beautiful nature and more attract tourists.

View of the Fokinsky manufactory in Ivanovo


The city is unique in that it has preserved more than 200 merchant houses of the XVII– early twentieth century, as well as about 30 churches of the XVII-XVIII centuries. It is they, as well as the winding Kamenka River, that give the city its unique flavor.There are no high-rise buildings or industrial buildings here, and the air is clean and fresh. This is one of the ancient Russian settlements, which has preserved its unique appearance to this day.


The city is of great historical value for the whole of Russia. The main attractions are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. "White stone monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal". This is the name of 8 masterpieces of ancient Russian architecture that stand in the cities and villages of the Vladimir region, which are definitely worth a visit.


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