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Running is not only a sport but also a journey.


There is a wonderful event that has been held in Suzdal for many years - a trail ultramarathon (that is, over fields, forests, ravines and fords) over various distances. Part of the route passes through the city of Suzdal. It also ends there.

The sun has just risen and already hundreds of athletes are cheerfully chatting as if the upcoming 100 kilometers of the most difficult track is just a light jog in the park.

Ten minutes to go until the start.

If you were expecting the conversation to be about a race, I'll disappoint you: the ultramarathon was only the main reason to be in this beautiful small town. We'll talk about it further.

A walk through Suzdal

Saturday. The day before the start. It is necessary to try to go to bed earlier, since wake-up is at 4 am. Before the race it is necessary to tune in - walk calmly, listen to yourself, prepare for the most difficult work of the whole organism - it will be necessary to lose no less than 7 thousand calories in 15 hours of exhausting running in the sun. To do this, I go for a walk around the city.

First of all, I decide to climb to the belfry. From there, a great view should open up.

It is indeed. What is more, it is not just an excellent, but an absolutely stunning panoramic view of the whole city. To be honest, I was mesmerized by it, gazing at the Kremlin walls and monastery, churches and beautiful Russian houses, and the beautiful nature of ours for an hour precisely.

Where else can you observe these kinds of views?

Know what's cool? Not a single Soviet or post-Soviet high-rise! Nothing taller than the bell tower like it used to be since time immemorial.

In the yard there is an abandoned building that somehow ended up quite far underground. It's unclear what will be done with it, but it seems that archaeological excavations were conducted there.

The foundation of the building can be seen, but there is still another floor below it.

A city of incredible beauty, where such diverse architecture harmoniously coexists.

Part of the running route runs along the walls of the Spaso-Yevfimiev monastery.

On the other hand, there is a view of an old cozy town. A feeling that it's not the 21st century, but the 19th.

The houses around are very well kept. Everything is in one style.

And here is the majestic Kremlin

We ended up with a small walk through the beautiful city.

Get active and travel!

March 19, 2024 04:59 pm



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