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Where to go on vacation with a small budget?


Are the New Year holidays approaching, and there is no desire to celebrate in Moscow? Your attention is drawn to the best vacation options for an economical trip in foreign countries.


Everyone's favorite Turkey is the leader in the ranking of tourist countries where you can get a budget vacation. It is perfect for a good vacation and at the same time it is inexpensive and interesting to travel at any time of the year. There are many resort towns that will please you with prices and comfortable living conditions. Turkey is a country rich in sights and a warm climate, which even on New Year's holidays will allow you to bask in the sun and swim in the sea. The main thing is to think in advance about buying tickets and renting a hotel, as the price will rise during the holidays and it will be more difficult to save money.

Price: The cheapest Tour is to Antalya, for 7 nights, all inclusive prices start from 30,000₽/person including flight. If you do not want to travel by tour, then the prices for the Moscow-Istanbul flight start from 20,000₽/person. But Turkey pleases with cheap food and inexpensive car rental, which will allow you to have a great vacation and see all the most interesting things.


A country with amazingly beautiful nature, interesting history and culture. The rest here promises to be diverse: you can see waterfalls and canyons, walk through beautiful gardens and embankments, admire interesting architecture.

Prices: Undoubtedly, this is one of the most budget options for traveling abroad, since you can get to Abkhazia by car, and the price of air tickets is about 7000 rubles / person. Of course, no one canceled the holiday allowance, so check the cost of fares before traveling. Prices for hotels, inns and apartments in Abkhazia are also pleasing, and accommodation will be much cheaper than in the south of Russia – in Sochi or Adler.


The beautiful maritime climate surrounded by the Red and Mediterranean Seas attracts tourists with its comfort. The country is known for its ancient history, from which temples, tombs and mummies, hieroglyphs and, of course, the famous pyramids have survived to the present day. Diving is very popular in Egypt if you are a diving enthusiast – coral reefs and fish are always available in Egypt.

Prices: the flight will cost 25,000-30,000rubles in both directions, you can choose an economical option for a hotel and resort to meet the budget. Do not forget that the Egyptian visa is paid.


Georgia is a great country for travelers. No visa is needed, the climate is mild, the people are friendly, the cuisine and wine are excellent. Plus the sea, beaches, mountains, ancient culture and wonderful experiences are provided.

Prices: the cost of hotel accommodation, food and entertainment are relatively low, so you can have a great vacation and see all the main attractions without much investment. The problem today is the closed air service with Russia. But you can get to Georgia by car or by air flight with a transfer in Turkey. Such a flight will cost about 20,000rubles/person.


Pay attention to the amazing country of Mongolia. It is incredibly beautiful, here you can spend unforgettable holidays and see enough of the beauty, taste the unique Mongolian cuisine, see how the nomads live. And there are also many Buddhist temples, so a vacation can become unexpectedly exciting.


Traveling in Russia has been and remains the most traditional. If you do not plan to travel far, then the most interesting places and entertainment can be found on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Have a nice stay!


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