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Why is immersive tourism gaining popularity?


What is immersive tourism? What for? Why is it so exciting for people? We will tell you about immersive travel and maybe you will want to go on such an emotionally impressive tour yourself.

What is immersive travel and what is its essence?

An immersive journey is a few days in a completely parallel reality. An adventure that includes elements of extreme, performance, role-playing, quest and travel are woven into a harmonious plot, where the tourist becomes part of a large-scale multi-day performance, and his every action affects the finale.

In essence, this is a non-stop game: the change of locations, as well as breaks for sleep and food, is built into the overall concept of the adventure, thereby creating the effect of immersion in an alternate reality.

During the immersive tour, participants visit the sights, but with great pleasure and interest, depending on the task set by the organizers, which can be as fantastical as possible, such as searching for superpowers, and material, where they will have to look for details of a large object, etc.

Why is it so cool?

The organizers of immersive tours highlight the psychological effect of such adventures. Players have to overcome themselves, immerse themselves in emotions, face their phobias, look fear in the eye and turn on logic to complete the tour. The "player" feels the place with every cell of his body and is in a state of "here and now". He passes the place and the action through himself with maximum involvement and dedication, experiencing different, sometimes quite polar emotions. And he gets unforgettable impressions that cannot be compared with an ordinary trip even by an iota!

Where does this usually happen?

There are immersive tours of varying duration, sometimes even for a week or more. A team of tourists and organizers goes to the location where the game will take place. It can be anywhere: as in the fields, so in the mountains. It all depends on the chosen tour. The participants live in this location in different conditions and live the action fully, playing from the first role.

There are immersive excursions in Moscow, or as they are also called "immersive promenade". This is a kind of audio performance that combines a theatrical production, a quest and the journey along the city route itself. This is the same interesting game, but it is short-lived and takes place within the city.

Immersive tours are developing all over the world and now they are at the peak of popularity. Even in Russia, you can find a lot of offers. The organizers choose places far from the city in natural and beautiful places. For example, to Karelia, Kalmykia, Lake Baikal and other interesting places in the country. Also, tours in Russian can be found in Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and other countries. The main thing is to find allies and organizers and the trip will take place!

Have we captivated you? And they got very carried away by themselves! It seems incredible! Try yourself as an immersive traveler, be a player and look at the world from the inside out!

Have fun with immersive games, and may luck always be with you!


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