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Everyday habits in different countries of the world


In every country, people have characteristics and habits that can be called national. I think it will be interesting for you to learn about everyday habits in different countries of the world. In this post, we will tell you about the five most common habits.

Why do Americans walk around the house in shoes

In fact, not only in America they walk around the house in shoes, but also in many European countries. Why is that? The answer is simple: in America and many European countries, it is clean not only in the house, but also on the street, there is no need to take off your shoes, the climate supports dry weather. Not all Americans adhere to this "habit". Emigrants who moved to America adhere to their traditions and take off their shoes when entering the house.

Why is it considered the norm to be late in Mexico

The habit of being late is not only in Mexico, but also among residents of Venezuela, as well as Italy. Being late for a restaurant or an event is considered the norm, and if you come in advance, it may seem rude and disrespectful to Venezuelans.

Why don't they throw away bread in Russia

In Russia, it would be disrespectful to throw away any food, especially bread. If bread is not needed, it is dried on crackers and given to the birds. A strange feature has come to us since ancient times, when we ate bread to the last crumb, since that time the Russian man has never thrown away bread.

Why do not all houses in Thailand have kitchens?

Many Thais do not know how and do not like to cook, so not all apartments and houses have kitchens, but Thailand can boast of its number of restaurants and cafes. Not all Thais need to prepare homemade food

Are there no washing machines in Swiss homes?

In Switzerland, not everyone can boast of household electrical appliances. In apartment buildings, more than one washing machine is occasionally installed, they use it in turn, inserting a special key that writes off the spent electricity.


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Lana Gardmann
December 18, 2022 02:44 am
We have a habit of walking around the house in boots – immediately cleaning shines)