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Ghost towns in Russia


Abandoned settlements and abandoned ghost towns evoke different emotions – from deep fear to delight. Some of them are almost completely destroyed, and in others you can still find old things. In this collection, a city that has gone under water, a former secret base in Kamchatka and a village that looks like the scenery for a thriller.

Mologa, Yaroslavl region

The ghost town of Mologa is located in the Yaroslavl region. The life of the city ended in 1935, when the Soviet authorities decided to build the Rybinsk reservoir and hydroelectric power station, and flood the Mologa. Local residents were relocated to Rybinsk. This flooding affected not only Mologa, but also hundreds of other settlements near the Volga River.

Mologa. A cross of worship on the water dedicated to the city of Mologa, flooded in April 1941, its inhabitants and the victims of Volgolag, who died during the construction of the Rybinsk and Uglich hydroelectric power plants.

When the season is low in water, you can see the tops of temples and other tall buildings in Mologa. You can get to them by water with an excursion from Rybinsk by boat or motor ship. You can learn about the history of the flooded city at the Museum of the Mologsky Krai in Rybinsk. Divers do not stop studying Mologa. Recently, they plunged to the bottom of the Rybinsk reservoir to explore the local estate of the Musins-Pushkins.

Kadykchan, Magadan region

It is located in the Susuman district of the Magadan region. It arose due to an industrial facility - Arkagalinskaya GRES. Almost the entire population worked for the company, but in 1996 an explosion occurred in the mines, and the authorities decided to mothball the deposit and freeze the company. Due to the fact that there were almost no jobs left, the population began to leave Kadykchan.

You can get there by car from Magadan (600 km).

Halmer-Yu, Komi Republic

The settlement on the Halmer-Yu River existed due to the deposit of valuable category "K" coal here, but the mine ceased to be profitable, and the authorities decided to close it and the locals were transported to Vorkuta, and the city itself was abandoned. later it was used as a military testing ground.

You can get to Halmer-Yu only by off-road and old railways from Vorkuta (65 km), by snowmobiles or SUVs.

Halmer-Yu, Komi Republic

Bechevinka Bay, Kamchatka

Initially, it was a secret military base of submariners, located in an inconspicuous bay. During his lifetime, the city had several residential buildings, headquarters, barracks, galley, garage, boiler room, warehouses, diesel substation, grocery store and club. In 1996, by order of the command, the town was abandoned in a terrible hurry forever. People were taken out on military boats and helicopters. And in just a few days, the city was empty and disconnected from life. Now you can see old rusty ships, well-preserved houses and beautiful nature surrounding the city from all sides.

It is located approximately 70 km northwest of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. By helicopter, snowmobile or boat. There is no highway.

Bechevinka Bay in Kamchatka

Sadon, North Ossetia

The settlement was built on the site of polymetallic ore mining. In 1886, the Sadon mine was leased to the Belgian Industrial and Chemical Society for 60 years. During the years of perestroika, ore mining was suspended here due to lack of financing and depletion of the deposit. In 2002, the settlement was almost destroyed by mudslides. The residents were compensated and evicted, but later some of them returned to the village. In 2004, an agreement was signed on the revival of the Sadonsky mining enterprise. But the population is now less than 100 people and is falling every month.

You can get to and see the almost extinct city by car from Vladikavkaz (70 km).

Sadon, North Ossetia


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