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Life hacks for packing luggage 


This article presents the best tips and life hacks on how to pack your luggage, what you need to take, and what is better to leave at home. 

1. Make a list

The list should contain all the necessary things. Be guided by the weather and take only the necessary things. Think over the images in advance and combine the bows. Before leaving, the list will help you check if you have taken everything and then you can leave the house with peace of mind. 

2. Assemble the first aid kit

A first aid kit is the most important thing in any journey! Think through everything to the smallest detail. If you have chronic diseases, take medications with a reserve. There are different situations, but the most necessary things should be in your first-aid kit:

✅ painkillers and antipyretics

Medicines for diarrhea, heartburn and digestive problems

remedies for colds, runny nose and cough

✅ antihistamines for allergies

remedies for bruises and injuries

antiseptics, plasters, bandages

3. Know the measure of liquids

Each airline has its own requirements for the transportation of liquids. Usually, a container is allowed in hand luggage, which must contain no more than 100 ml of liquid. And the total amount should not exceed 1 liter per person. It should also be packed in an airtight bag. You can carry larger liquids in your luggage or those purchased in duty-free. To avoid leakage of liquid, wrap the neck of the bottle with a film and close the lid on top. 

4. "Play Tetris"

Put things together rationally. So as to take up the entire luggage area and leave room for souvenirs. 

Put your socks in your shoes. This way it will keep its shape and you will save space

✅ Roll up clothes in rolls

✅ Use vacuum bags

5. Security

The pathway of the GFHA works

Take money, jewelry, documents, medicines with you in your hand luggage. Leave contact information on the suitcase tag and remove the old marks so that your luggage is not lost and does not fly on another flight. 

6. Aromas

Everyone is pleased when clothes smell delicious. But for this it is not necessary to take out heavy perfume bottles on a trip. It is enough to sprinkle things in a suitcase – and they are guaranteed to create your favorite fragrance for the whole trip. But if that's not enough for you, get a diffuser and pour the right amount of perfume. 


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