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TOP 5 secrets of flight attendants


Has anyone who has ever flown on an airplane wondered how everything works for flight attendants? What are their chips? This article will reveal a few secrets of flight attendants, and it will be even more interesting to fly!

1. Sound signals 🔈

If you've ever heard the sound signals that just appear during the flight, then you know what it's about. Sometimes they coincide with the light-up window to fasten or unfasten seat belts. But what do these sounds mean when they are not accompanied by anything?

One beep warns flight attendants that the aircraft is entering an area with complicated weather conditions🌩️🌧️

Two beeps indicate that the vessel has passed the altitude mark of 3,000 meters 

Three beeps signal that the plane is approaching a turbulence zone, and flight attendants are required to check whether all passengers are strapped in.

2. Passenger billing and control 🧮

Many people catch themselves thinking when they enter the plane: "Why did they check my boarding pass if I just passed the control?" The answer is simple: pay attention to the position of the flight attendants' hands at this moment. One of them holds his hands behind his back and records incoming passengers on a special counter. While the second one evaluates your external condition while you are showing your boarding pass. If they notice nervousness, aggressive or inadequate condition, then this passenger will be monitored during the flight.

3. Food on board 🍱

During long-haul flights, all passengers receive their lunch. But how to get it the fastest and not suffer from hunger while the first rows have already received their portions? If you order a special menu while buying tickets, then your food will be brought first! And your food will be the freshest, as a special menu is prepared right before the flight, and the usual one can be stored by standards for about five days before departure and subjected to extensive heat treatments. 

Interesting fact

Pilots are given different meals during the flight so that in case of poisoning, one person will suffer. These are the rules. 

4. Applause 👏🏼

The applause at the end of the flight does not give anything to the crew and the pilot, but even gets in the way. And this "tradition" is partly useless, since the pilot does not hear the applause. And flight attendants may not hear the right signals during boarding. 

5. Toilets 🚽

Few people know, but the flight attendant can open the toilets on all planes from the outside. If a passenger is delayed for a long time or a fire alarm has been triggered due to smoking, the flight attendant has every right to open the toilet from the outside with a special key. 

Have a nice flight!


April 21, 2023 05:22 pm



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Lana Gardmann
December 13, 2022 11:21 pm
Cool, I didn't know
Marina Golub
December 13, 2022 11:17 pm
Very informative and useful!👍