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The most beautiful trains in the world.


At one time, train travel was very popular and now that trend is making a comeback. The railways are the most eco-friendly means of transportation, and modern trains compete with five-star hotels in terms of service and fine cuisine, offering all the means to make the journey unforgettable. Remember that feeling when you drifted off to sleep to the sound of a steady wheel clank – probably one of the most soothing sounds.

Belmond Royal Scotsman. Scotland

Belmond Royal Scotsman Train

Traveling Scotland on the Royal Scotsman train is as cult as enjoying an afternoon tea at the Ritz or strolling along the Seine under the sun's rays. The Belmond Royal Scotsman, which has been in operation since 1985, is one of the most luxurious trains in the world. The train's carriages, which are paneled in red wood, combine the elegance of Edwardian times with the comfort of a classic country house.

From April to October, you can go on a journey lasting from one to seven nights, and a classic five-day 720-mile round trip to the heart of the Highlands in North Scotland's Highlands - the most popular route.

Belmond Royal Scotsman is a castle on wheels. The red carpet is rolled out for passengers to the sounds of a piper in national dress. Guests are welcomed with a silver tray of champagne glasses. On board, a maximum of 36 guests are hosted along with 12 staff, ensuring intimacy and personal attention to every passenger.

Traveling through Scotland by the Belmond Royal Scotsman train is a unique and unforgettable experience. Cross the Forth bridge, and ride through Glenfinnan viaduct. Mile after mile, enjoy the view of pine-covered hills reflecting on the mirrorlike lakes. Royal Scotsman also offers a Bamford Haybarn spa, where you can relax and more than 30 authentic Scotch Whiskies to pass the time over dinner.

Rovos Rail. Africa.

The Royal room on the Rovos Rail train

Since its founding in 1989, Rovos Rail has earned an international reputation for its rail journeys. In a series of individual trips ranging from 48 hours to 14 nights, Rovos Rail connects the continent’s greatest places with excursions. On board the vintage carriages upholstered in wood paneling, one can feel the spirit of the continent, watching the incredible landscapes through the window. Thanks to the restrained first-class service, the highest cuisine, and a selection of the best South African wines, Rovos Rail returns to a simpler, more elegant era of defying the timeless beauty and high romance of exploring Africa.

Beautifully refurbished from vintage trains, the carriages can accommodate 72 passengers in 36 exquisitely appointed luxury suites, while the event train can carry up to 250 guests and is suitable for day trips. The grandest of them all, the royal luxury suites occupy half of the carriage and include a living room, a Victorian-style bath and shower.

The Rovos Rail tourist map offers a whole catalogue of routes through Angola, Congo, Zambia, Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa. One can travel from the Indian to the Atlantic Ocean or undertake an epic journey from Cape Town to Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. Along with stops in cities and game reserves, there is the opportunity to observe the wildlife from the open terraces while en route.

Trans-Siberian Express 'Golden Eagle'. Russia

России.The Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia is the longest railway route in the world. Traveling the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok takes 15 days. It's more than 9 thousand kilometers and 8 time zones through Russian and Mongolian territory. Moscow - Kazan - Yekaterinburg - Novosibirsk - Irkutsk and Lake Baikal - Ulan Ude - Ulan Bator (Mongolia) - Vladivostok - this is the route of the 'Golden Eagle' through the boundless picturesque expanses of Russia.

The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express is not your regular passenger train. It is a genuine tourist express, with a 14-day journey to some of the most interesting places in the country. This train is one of the most expensive and luxurious in Russia; its guests can choose from Silver, Gold, or Imperial Suite cars, with heated floors in the higher class accommodation. The exterior of the cars look rather plain, but inside, you enter a world of genuine luxury and retro chic. Some of the route is pulled by Soviet-era steam locomotives.

Each compartment is equipped with a bathroom, a spacious bed, a wardrobe, a TV and a music center. There are two restaurant carriages and a bar carriage in the train. There is also a medical service, a beauty salon, massage rooms and a gym on the train. The restaurant menu includes freshly smoked fish, sturgeon and traditional caviar.

Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express. Singapore – Malaysia

Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express

The melodrama "Shanghai Express" starring Marlene Dietrich inspired the creators to launch the Eastern & Oriental Express, which was implemented in 1993 and takes guests into the golden era of railway adventures. Traveling through Southeast Asia, these beautiful green and gold carriages, decorated with cherry wood panels, Thai silks and Malaysian embroidery, send passengers into the world of classic glamour, traveling between ancient wonders and cosmopolitan cities. The route follows from Singapore via Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi and Penang. After a long break, the express returns to the rails, and the first trains will leave in February 2024. By the way, all tickets have already been redeemed!

Seven Stars in Kyushu, Japan

"Seven Stars in Kyushu"

Seven Stars in Kyushu is Japan's first luxury cruise train, launched in 2013, providing guests with the highest level of service. The train is represented by seven immaculately decorated carriages that will bring tremendous pleasure while traveling through seven prefectures and seven iconic attractions of Kyushu. During the trip, guests are accompanied by the highest service, exquisite cuisine and unique cabins decorated by masters of their craft.

The first and last carriages of the 'Seven Stars' are panoramic - specially created to contemplate the beauties of nature. The interior is done in a classic style with wooden furniture and Japanese decoration, with wooden kumiko panels made of thin wooden reeds.

Blue Train (South Africa)

The interior of the Blue Train

In the 1920s, a journey from Cape Town to Pretoria was very popular among high-ranking guests of the colonial government of South Africa.

The Blue Train as a tourist attraction has been around since 1946. It is a unique way to explore the stunning sights of Southern Africa, including visiting Victoria Falls, Kruger National Park with a safari tour. Luxury reaches a new level in this train. Unparalleled timeliness can be experienced with beauty, elegance, and romance, and captivating landscapes stimulate the imagination, with luxurious comfort accompanying all along the way.

Maharaja's Express - India

Maharaja's Express Train Restaurant

Maharaja's Express has been awarded the 'Best Luxury Train in the World' at the World Travel Awards for seven consecutive years from 2012 to 2018 and has changed the perception of luxury travel by offering guests the opportunity to explore legendary routes and experience India's rich cultural heritage.

The train is designed in the style of Indian Maharajah palaces. The five-star train hotel travels between the megacities of Mumbai and Delhi. The most popular route, the 'Heritage of India' six-day tour, passes through Udaipur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur,and Agra.

Maharaja’s Express consists of 14 carriages for 88 guests named after precious stones: pearl, diamond, blue sapphire, turquoise, coral. The Presidential Suite includes a living room with two bedrooms and bathrooms.

Belmond Andean Explorer. Peru

Belmond Andean Explorer Train

The first luxury cruise train in South America - Andean Explorer - was launched in 2017. The journey begins in the ancient capital of Cusco and ends in Arequipa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Altiplano Plateau road sometimes goes up to a height of 4800 meters. Along the way the train makes several stops: at the Colca Canyon, you can see the spectacular condors, admire Lake Titicaca, and witness the famous floating reed islands where the natives live.

Andean Explorer is the most luxurious way to discover Peru on the move and experience the full range of Peruvian national cuisine using natural ingredients.

Belmond Venice Simplon Orient-Express. Express in Europe

Interior of the lounge area of the Belmond Venice Simplon Orient-Express train

Your journey begins at the platform of a famous European city, where historical carriages await you. Meet the conductor, check your luggage with our porters and feel the excitement rising. Then board the timeless enchantment. We are soon leaving – these are the words with which 'Ostexpress Venice to Simpler' welcomes its guests.

All of the train cars – a legend: they belonged to the “Eastern Express” and were released in the 1920s and 1930s of our century. In the 1980s the cars were restored, recreating a truly royal atmosphere. Dishes of Moscow cuisine are prepared here in three restaurant cars.

There are six grand luxe carriages on the train, each decorated according to its name: Vienna, Prague, Paris, Istanbul, Venice and Budapest.

The itinerary traditionally includes London, Paris, Verona, stops in Rome and Florence. Other tours cover Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands with the possibility of additional hotel accommodation. The farthest destination is Istanbul.

Rocky Mountaineer. Canada.

Panoramic roof on the Rocky Mountainer train

Rocky Mountaineer is a luxurious train that connects the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. There are two types of services available on Rocky Mountaineer: passengers in GoldenLeaf class travel in a two-level carriage with a transparent roof, providing breathtaking views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, lakes and forests. On the lower floor of the carriage, there is a restaurant with an amazing menu.

A two-day journey through extraordinary canyons, inspiring deserts, and natural arches is available through SilverLeaf Service; this mountain route includes Ruby Canyon, Garfield Mountain, and the Continental Divide.

Rocky Mountaineer runs on five routes with stops in Vancouver, Banff, Lake Louise, Calgary, Jasper and Whistler.


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