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What to take to the beach


Many travelers love not only the beautiful views, but also beach vacation. We have prepared for you a selection of the most useful and necessary things for the beach.


To feel good on the beach, swimming and sunbathing you need a swimsuit or swimming trunks. We recommend taking two or more sets and changing during rest. Modern swimsuits are absolutely harmless to the skin, pleasant to the touch and reliably protect from the sun's rays.

Beach Shoes

At the peak of the beach heat, your feet will require protection. In flip-flops you will be able to easily move around hot sand and stones. If you plan to explore the sea floor, we recommend wearing coral slippers (aqua shoes).


Headgear is very important in sunny time. Hats, caps and bandanas are popular on the beach. Without a hat, you run the risk of getting sunstroke in the hot sun, so do not give up a bright accessory.

Beach Towel

Many people go to the beach not only to swim, but also to sunbathe. To enjoy the sun in comfort, we recommend sunbathing on a towel, placed on the sand or on the beach chair. Take two towels at least - one should be used to dry yourself after taking a dip.


One of the most useful and important items at the beach is sun protection cream. It is especially beneficial for people with delicate and thin skin. Sun protection cream can protect your skin from the sun's rays. Note that creams come in varying degrees of protection, which should be applied depending on the intensity of the sun and the sensitivity of the skin.


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December 12, 2022 11:14 pm
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December 13, 2022 12:38 am
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