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How do I travel with my pet?


A pet on a trip is the best and sweetest companion, which is interesting, but you will have to know a few rules so that there are no problems with transportation.

Across Russia and the CIS

Traveling with a pet in Russia by plane, train and car usually does not entail problems or difficulties. To do this, you must have a veterinary passport of the animal and a veterinary certificate of the Customs Union form No. 1, which can be issued at the regional veterinary station for the control of animal diseases.

The pet's passport must show records of current vaccinations and a rabies vaccination.

You can get your beloved pet a passport at any veterinary clinic.

Some airlines allow you to take a small animal with you in a hard or soft carrier, in which it must stay the entire flight. If the animal is large, then it will fly in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. It is easier on the train, you can simply buy out the compartment completely or purchase an additional seat in the reserved seat.

можно путешествовать самостоятельноYou can travel to other countries independently.

EU countries are demanding a more bureaucratic approach to animal transportation. In order to introduce a cat, dog or ferret into the European Union, it is necessary to find out in advance about the requirements for the import of an animal on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture of the country. It is also necessary to obtain an international veterinary passport.

Find out from the airline the requirements and conditions of the flight for fluffy. Since some airlines prohibit the transportation of certain breeds of animals.


The animal must be chipped and vaccinated against rabies. The chip must contain information about the animal, its date of birth, the contacts of its owner and the veterinary clinic where the chipping and vaccination procedure took place.


Take care of accommodation. Not all hotels and guesthouses allow pets. Therefore, in advance, clarify the details and conditions of stay in the hotel.

Have a good trip!


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Marina Golub
December 13, 2022 12:47 am
I would like to fly with a cat on an airplane))
Lana Gardmann
December 12, 2022 11:15 pm
I wonder how many kg of a cat can be taken in hand luggage?