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One well-known guy with curly hair was subjective in regards to far-reaching decisions, so it had to be either accepted or refuted. Therefore, we went to Listvyanka.

We arrived at Lidsvianka by noon, were ready to immerse in the blessings of civilization. Even rented a room.

Listvyanka is a village at the source of the Angara, located 66 km from Irkutsk. The autumn route to Listvyanka is beautiful - the colors of the surrounding space will make such a visualization that bad thoughts will have no chance...

View from the windows of the guesthouse in Listvyanka.

Walking along the Listvyanka is fun. A small cozy world. It's crowded.

The Listvianka Market

Chekhov's House

Cafeteria. You won't starve.

Colorful Shopping.

Brand Clothing

A visit to the local museum and botanical garden is essential for cultural education. Don't spare a couple of hours. The museum tours are informative and unobtrusive. More over, the area is truly unique. This is evidenced by the Baikal seal. This tiny creature with bottomless eyes will definitely amaze you with its hydrodynamics.

The Baikal seal

Hiking itinerary in the Botanical garden Lysyanka

Barberry. Autumn colors.

The Cliffs in Listvyanka

Listvyanka enchanted me. If you are travelling around Lake Baikal, be sure to visit.


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September 8, 2022 08:31 pm
Waves like on the sea ) I wonder what the maximum wave height is?