The northernmost village

Teriberka is the main reason for tourism to the Kola Peninsula. Excursions, tranfers, snowmobiles and beautiful views are the reason for the wildlife of this place.


On the way to Teriberka, we take the only road directly through the tundra. Hills, tens of thousands of lakes and reservoirs.

The road is icy, only snowmobiles travel during the season. This road is blocked and sometimes the residents of Teriberka carry food by helicopter because of the impassable terrain.

The temperature difference between Murmansk and Teriberka can be colossal. If it is +5 in Murmansk, then due to the hilly surfaces in the tundra it may be -30. and then it's warm again.

Daylight hours are short due to the polar night. And it is impossible to have time to see all the views.

Ship graveyard

battery waterfall.

views from the Battery Waterfall

the beach with "dragon eggs"

The discarded ship

the embankment of Lodeynaya Bay

There are many interesting natural attractions in Teriberka. But you definitely won't see them in one day. Because the sun rises and sets almost immediately. But there is something that people come here for)


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