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Horses of Baikal


Horses are an important part of my life, so I am always looking for them everywhere. Especially interesting are these searches during travels, because the local horses reflect a great deal of how people relate to nature and their environment.

According to reports from the internet, local breeds at Baikal are mainly represented by the Buryat horse, which comes from the Mongolian line, which is reflected in the characteristic exterior features.

Horse Riding on Olkhon.

The local horses are free from the constraints of separate maintenance and live in herds on the range. These freely roaming herds are numerous and beautiful, almost everywhere you can stumble upon free horses.

On Olkhon we found a horse rental with a ride along the coast and we took advantage of this opportunity.

Horseback Riding. Olkhon.

You can feel a huge difference in the behavioral aspect of the local horses, if you have something to compare it with, of course. These are the Mauglis with all the quirks of a herd life. They're loyal to man, but they have massive boundaries. This is no rentable city horse. It's a wild animal that allows itself to be exploited to an extent.

The horse is free. It goes wherever it wants.

Local horses are low-lying, strong and self-sufficient. The feed base is scarse in Autumn, but this does not prevent them from being neither thin nor fat. When you look at the herds, you understand the measure of human influence and technogeneity expressed in their detachment from natural living conditions. The population on pasturing is self-regulating.

Rolling Stock

On a horseback ride along the shore, we followed the guide in shifts. The event is suitable for everyone, even if you have no experience of independent equestrian riding, you will be comfortable because the horses do it all by themselves, the main task is to sit on top and enjoy.

I got a small jockey pegasus that could practically be ridden without control. However, riding implies some coordination of the body, so don't be discouraged by the mismatch between your body and your steed and that total naturalness where even horse-riding looks a bit artificial. Horses are patient and at some point they understand your perplexed status.

Little pegash.

Beach walk.

Horseback riding while traveling is an absolute must! You can find local wranglers everywhere, even in the most remote places. Civilization and the internet are doing their job and they'll gladly take you to and from your ride. Prices are traditional and depend on the duration and size of the group.

The cute foals saw an alien.


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