Sad, but interesting!

A port city that is dying out. Previously, marine wealth and the sale of fish to Norway prevailed here. After the pandemic, supplies were limited, ports stopped partially operating and money was reduced. The residents became upset and sad, and began to leave.

The locals also have a problem with fishing because of the established rules. Crabs and fish cannot be caught in the sea without a license, the license is expensive and not profitable, there is little demand, and as a result, the price is the same as in Moscow for most of the assortment.

Crabs! It would seem that this is the miracle of the Barents Sea, but no. The population of them increased after they took root. But you can't just catch them like that. And even with a license, you can catch 1-2 crabs as much as possible (they calculate by kilograms), although there are too many crabs. But they are not engaged in their extraction (

Murmansk railway station

view of the port

The ferry is working with the last of its strength and money. There are a few factories left, but it doesn't really work and prosper.

the embankment of Lake Semenovskoye.

Naydenov Park, better known as Semenovsky Park, is good. A monument to the cat-Semyon and the seal, there is an oceanarium, a cafe, a Ferris wheel, in general, an amusement park is good but not particularly large.

view of the monument to the "defenders of the Arctic"

As the locals say: "after Murmansk was included in the list of hero cities, it became a little more fun." And after the question: What do you have to see? All they say is, "Well, go and see Alyosha."

A monument "Alyosha" and an honorary wall with a beautiful observation deck were built.

view from the Alyosha observation deck


monument to the victims of the intervention

The history of the city is interesting and sometimes sad. The population is less than 300,000 and is on the decline, since after leaving the "sea market" people earn only by tourism to Teriberka and the northern lights.. but this is another post)


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Lana Gardmann
November 21, 2022 01:58 am
They say the northern Lights happen there, have you ever seen them?
November 21, 2022 02:56 am
yes, read the post on the journey, come in handy))