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Marmara Ilahiyat Mosque (Marmara Ilahiyat)


The fantastically beautiful modern mosque in Istanbul was built in 2015 in the Usküdar district by the famous Turkish architect Muharrem Hilmi Shenalp with interpretations of modern and classical Islamic architecture.

The main concept is a spiraling motion. To understand the architectural concept, I recommend reading Mahmoud Shabistari's poem "The Flower Garden of Mystery".

Thousands of shapes are derived from each point on this closed circle. From each individual point, a whirling circle has turned out, it [is] both the center and the [point] going in a circle. If [at least] one particle is removed from [its] place, the whole world will be upset.

The dome is made of steel, has a height and diameter of 35 meters. The total volume of steel in the project is 500 tons.

The mosque was designed as a modern complex with an enclosed area of about 32,000 m2. The mosque complex has indoor and outdoor prayer areas, a cultural center and the administrative center of the Faculty of Theology of Marmara University. There are conference rooms, a museum, a bookstore, a cafe, a cinema, and an art gallery on the territory.

The total prayer area is 2,385 m2 and can accommodate more than 4,000 people.

I highly recommend visiting this place!

The most convenient way to get to the mosque is by metro to Bağlarbaşı station.

Visiting hours of the Marmara Mosque: daily from 08:30 to 18:00, on Fridays from 14:00.


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October 28, 2022 08:45 pm
Very unusual
Lana Gardmann
October 27, 2022 04:11 pm
Do you know why there are never trees on the territories of mosques?