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Krasnaya Polyana


Didn't you once drive along Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway? Well, that is, when you drive, you drive and suddenly everything is like that! - and beautiful, modern and architectural, the paving is fashionable, pine trees. Wood, black, signage. The landscape.

It's the same in Krasnaya Polyana. You drive, you drive, everything is orderly, neat, and suddenly bang! - casino, ferrari, butler, illumination. It's like you came to Moscow from a provincial wilderness and immediately went from the train to Tverskaya. In the evening. On New Year's Eve))

And then they "played with words." For a fun leisure.

Let's go on the cable car. I remember a joyful audio guide that said no one remembers. It itched all the way.

The mountains here are curly.

While it was visible from above, I was inspired by the cool tile layout. This is a drawing.

Beautiful mountains.

Clear icons.

A minute of extreme sports.

A cool infographic about mountains on a panorama.

2200. Height.

Restaurant. You're supposed to be wearing glasses and white UV lipstick.

I liked the mountains under the cable car. They are completely covered with rhododendrons.

Krasnaya Polyana is an elite one. It's not on a budget here.

It's urban here. Civilization, comfort, boutiques, restaurants. Resort.

They come off here and waste money.

A lot of people are "drunk".

If you are a hot pepper party-goer - yours! For a balanced exercise with a stroller, it is better to put it in a Rose. And don't deny yourself anything! In such places, this is a plus to karma x2)🖖


March 18, 2024 04:35 am



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