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Rosa Khutor or how to relax beautifully


I know people who talk about Rosa Khutor breathlessly, others who praise this place as regulars of it and Krasnaya Polyana, and others who dream of Rosa Khutor as an affordable Courchevel. To whom it is expensive, to whom it is party, to whom it is like. There are no indifferent people.

I'm lying. There is. As a child, I was engaged in downhill skiing, so I did not become an adept of this indicator of elite involvement in an active lifestyle in adulthood.

That's probably why my attitude to ski resorts is exactly the same purple as to an olinclusive hotel vacation with a cocktail on sun loungers.

Okay, don't despise if you're a skier or snowboarder. You should feel at home in Rosa and Polyana.

Of course, we are not in season, so the ski delights are not appreciated. At least look at the city)

In Rosa Khutor, you feel like in the hallway in an endless renovated apartment. Looking at these photos, you will realize that there is a shadow on the opposite side of the Mzymta River.

The name of Rosa Khutor is like that of Bulgarian spirits from childhood. Do you remember? In a wooden capsule like this. "Bulgarian Rose". All the parents had them. Anyway. I've got this association firmly attached to me, how can I disentangle it?

And in fact, the name Rosa Khutor comes from the surname of the Estonian Adula Rosa. Historical facts show that once 70 Estonian families, languishing from crop failures and harsh laws, wandered in search of a better life and made it to Krasnaya Polyana. They settled there, establishing the village of Estosadok 4 km from it. Therefore, Rosa Khutor owes its beautiful tourist name to the Estonians.

They say this is the most popular place. It was closed.

The colors of the renovation.

There is good landscaping in Rosa Khutor. Atypical, really.

You go for a walk. One way. Then another one. And so on all day)

Conifers are carefully knitted for the winter.

Even such babies of mountain pines are bandaged.

Landscape compositions.

Very beautiful autumn colors.

A gathering place. Hookah room.

It looks like a place for group gestalt therapy

The mountain view in the background is perceived for some reason very ordinary.

A bull.


So briefly # nothing about Rosa Khutor. Of course, it is necessary to go. Nature is beautiful everywhere there.

And if you don't have enough Instagram motifs and you are in the subject, then in the season in those parts you can immerse yourself in the sweet picture of a beautiful life. In Russian.


March 18, 2024 04:35 am



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