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Zaraysk is a city of contrasts


We decided to go to Zaraysk spontaneously after breakfast with the idea of tasting, so to speak, an urban pie.

Every town in Russia has its own history, Zaraysk is no exception.

The project of improvement of the center of Zaraysk became the winner at the competition "The best projects for creating a comfortable urban environment in small towns and historical settlements"

The architectural bureau "Basis architectural bureau", the developer of the project, approached the issue responsibly. Modern urban concepts, carefully grown on Pinterest's mycelium, require professionalism, especially in terms of urban spaces. The designers had a non-trivial task: "To create a comfortable environment for local residents and emphasize the historical significance of the city."

Without going into the details of the project part (all information is available on the bureau's website), let's move on to the results.

That's what we saw there:

Modern striped combined paving.

Multicomponent paving of the main square. There is no greenery here.

Urban swing with floor lighting.

Winter and summer are the same color. Contrasting fillings require additional care.

The benches are very pleasant to sit on, comfortable and cozy, warm. I would have sat and sat.

The color combination here is bombastic.

Here, too, the color scheme is good.

Here we must pay tribute to the road workers - the connections are ideal. In the background, the city landmark is a water tower in a marble filling.

But I liked it. It looks very lively.

The conceptual design of the landscaping of Zaraysk has no definition. As if to answer the question: "How is that?" you won't be able to answer. He treats himself and nothing else.

The lump sank slightly, but it is fixable. For some reason, the urns attract attention. Maybe this is the idea?

The terry classic of junipers. This is already outside the zones of urban transformation.

The texture of the brick.

A typical apartment building.

Urban flower beds.

What I would like to note from the presented new model: clean, light and neat. Of the cons, nothing is clear. Well, that is, it is clear that the repair, but why it is unclear. Should it be clear, you ask? Not a fact. Sometimes the concept ideas of developers are the explanation of all design decisions.

Zaraits were lucky: urban transformation changes everything in their lives. You walk along the renovated streets, like in an apartment after renovation. Everything is unusual, everything is new. And also the flow of tourists, which increased by 45% in 19 years. It's become crowded and fun!

Are the residents satisfied? Who cares about that? A lot of design work and construction has been done. Funds were allocated from the budget, people got jobs.

That's what they write on the Internet:

"As a result, the square looked like a bald tattooed head after a failed hair transplant."

"It is the lack of normal landscaping that local residents have the most complaints about, and if they had planted already grown trees instead of 'sticks' (for example, as it was done at one time on Tverskaya Street in Moscow), the citizens would most likely have perceived the final result more favorably." Source:

But more praise, of course.

We were brought to Zaraysk twice. Once to see urbanism, the second time to eat, in passing from Ryazan. I probably won't go a third time.

And you go, there is something to see. And historical sites, and the city square, and the water tower. Share your impressions later 🖖


March 19, 2024 03:24 pm



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October 27, 2022 01:34 pm
Is it worth going?
Lana Gardmann
October 27, 2022 04:18 pm
Take food with you) and so it's worth a walk, of course. Especially if you like the promenade between the past and the future.