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Trebevic bobsleigh track in Sarajevo


If you ask me: "How do you feel about bobsleigh?" I will answer: "No way." I love abandonments. Moreover, they are all so different in effect that these sensations can already be collected.

For example, I really like it when trees grow in roofs.

Therefore, we decided to visit the abandoned bobsleigh track in Sarajevo, which has such a status as a non-essential sports facility.

An abandoned bobsleigh track in Sarajevo. Now it's a place for street art. It looks cool, you must agree.

The Trebevic bobsleigh track (Kombinovana bob i sankaška staza Trebevic) is a track built on Mount Trebevic overlooking Sarajevo for bobsleigh and luge competitions at the XIV Winter Olympic Games. It was damaged during the Bosnian War of 1992-1995.

Very beautiful mountain slopes.

It should be noted that the places are beautiful - on a mountain overlooking Sarajevo.

The cable car is operational.

If you don't turn around, it looks like a ski resort.

This is the Pino Nature Hotel. Category ****. The average room price is 200€. It's very beautiful. It is located right next to the sports facility.

Picturesque beauties.

Bobsleigh track. You can go through it all, but we are very frozen. Such a trip should be done by heat.

Construction of the bobsleigh track for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo began on June 1, 1981, and on September 30, 1982, the track was put into operation. The construction cost 563,209,000 Yugoslav dinars (about $10 million).

As we learned from publicly available information, the technology of the cattle track blocks was advanced at that time. Imagine, inside each concrete section of the tube, through which the refrigerant was supplied, which ensured technologically uniform freezing over the entire surface of the "trough". I could only imagine the engineering and design part of this sports facility.

In the early 1990s, during the events of the Bosnian War, the highway was used to organize artillery firing points, and as a result it was damaged and could no longer be used. In 2010, the press secretary of the 1984 Olympics, Muamera Shehich, said that the restoration of the track may require very large funds that are not available. Nevertheless, the mine clearance of the route has been carried out, and at the moment tourist routes have been laid to Trebevich Mountain to the Olympic facilities. Since 2014, the reconstruction of the bobsleigh track has been underway.

The German company Dayle was built by order of the Yugoslav government. Its length is 1300 meters. Start at an altitude of 1108 meters above sea level, finish at an altitude of 982 meters. There are 13 turns on the highway.

It is curious that in Yugoslavia, no one was really engaged in bobsleigh – it was required to create a team in a few years. The bobsledders hastily converted wrestlers and sprinters (the first strong, the second fast) and in six years prepared athletes who, although they did not win medals, performed well.

I wandered around the facilities and imagined how judges and sports commentators were sitting in the cabins, luge and bobsledders were preparing for the starts. As they accelerated, they fell belly down on the planks and shook on these wild turns... It was interesting to dive. In such abandonments, the space itself draws its own story to you.

During the war, the sports facility turned into the beginning of the 1990s brought war to the country, and there was no time for sports at all. The Bosnian Serbs used the steep track with convenient sides to organize artillery firing points. Loophole windows pierced through the gutters, from where the shelling was coming. The mirror-smooth surface of the structure was not spared by the Bosnians, who were no less actively shooting back.

I don't know much about calibers, but it looks pretty tough. Here the imagination was already painting a different picture. I won't go into it. There's a sound.

Artillery crews were located between the concrete bends of the track. It is impossible to count how many victims and destruction their shots caused during the 44 months of the siege of Sarajevo. Source: championat.com

There is a very beautiful forest around. It looks like the Carpathians.

The undergrowth is breaking through. The track is actively overgrown. Nature does not tolerate emptiness.

After the end of the war, the highway stood abandoned for a long time, and it was absolutely impossible to approach it — on all sides its territory was covered with yellow tape "Attention, mines!" Such signs, by the way, were scattered throughout Bosnia. That's not the right word. If you've watched Kusturica's films, it shows how they work, or rather, some of them. There are such wires stretched that you can't see and stumble over them - that's it.

Bosnia, for example, has gained fame as the 'most mined country in Europe'. According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, at least 80 thousand unexploded ordnance, mostly mines, remain on its territory. According to statistics, since the end of the war in 1995, more than 1,500 people have been killed or injured in similar incidents in Bosnia.

It was only in 2010 that the completion of the work of sappers on the territory of Trebevych was announced, but there were not enough funds to restore the route.

It's worth it.

Surrounded by fir trees. In silence. And there are completely different events in the memory of this place.

I definitely recommend you to visit. Especially for fans of abandoned buildings. Very strong feelings. If you travel in winter, dress warmly. We are really frozen. 🖖


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