Sarajevo was the ultimate destination of our trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We have booked an apartment marked 9* on the booking page. Upon arrival, it turned out that the Wi-Fi was turned off for us along with heating and hot water. The hospitality of the host after Mostar was already perceived as a given, it was necessary to demand compliance with the declared, the mood was spoiled. There are practically no tourist illusions left, so we planned a trip to an abandoned bobsleigh track, a short tour of the city and the way back to Montenegro.

View from the apartment window on the mountain.

Sarajevo in the sunset haze.

Heating is provided by fuel briquettes.

an authentic cafe with the warm name "Dveri".

City streets. It's like everywhere else.

The syndicate house.

Antiquity is adjacent to modern buildings.

St. Joseph's Church.

Against the background of the museum.

City park.

There's not even anything to write about Sarajevo. Winter in the city. They hardly got out of the car. The main friend of the traveler is the sun. If it's not there, consider it necessary to go take pictures again 🖖

Look at what a cool Christmas tree. We don't grow them. It looks like a Smereka, a European spruce.


March 18, 2024 04:35 am



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