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Kravice Waterfalls


I can't get rid of the interpretation of divine creations in the form of: "Come on, the water will just flow over the ground and fall off the mountain. And they'll just stand there and watch it. And they will be delighted!"

This place can probably be called the most beautiful that we have seen in Bosnia.

These are about the feelings I get from natural attractions like waterfalls. Man-made structures such as dams, dams and hydroelectric power plants also work - the sensations are the same. Falling water affects a person like a boa constrictor affects a rabbit. Well, at least for me. And again, we are very lucky with the sun!

Krivitsky waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The spectacular, thirty-meter-high Kravice waterfall is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kravice is one of the best preserved natural waterfalls in Europe. Its waters flow from soft calcareous tuff rocks on the Trebizat River southwest of Mostar. The waterfall forms a natural amphitheater spanning almost 120 meters. The fact is that the river splits into more than a dozen separate waterfalls that cascade into the lake below. There are several fish restaurants, picnic areas and campgrounds scattered along the riverbank. In late spring and during the hot summer months, an amazing natural phenomenon occurs around noon — the heat causes part of the lake's water to evaporate and create fog at the top of the valley. Nearby there is a small grotto full of stalactites, an old mill and a sailing ship. And there's no arguing - the place is absolutely unique. A beauty that is difficult to describe literally.

The natural attraction has a well-organized tourist sector - a large parking lot, information stands, toilets, changing rooms, a restaurant. The cost of visiting for tourists is paid, but, it seems to me, we did not pay. It's not the season. I may be mistaken, who went here in winter? Did you pay for admission?

From the parking lot, we walk along the paths towards the waterfall. It is located much below. The walk to it is pleasant in itself, beautiful vegetation, pleasant freshness. There is fog over the waterfalls.

View of the Kravitsky waterfall from the upper observation deck. Agree, it's stunningly beautiful!

Rocks and vegetation.

View of the canyon from the upper observation deck.

A road bridge.

I'm still wondering how the trees are in the middle of this stream?

Completely emerald water, like liquid glass, breaks off the rocks and rushes down. It's pretty spontaneous here.

It struck me that the water flows as it wants, the grass grows there and the trees in the water, and it all somehow coexists in total harmony. Also with special effects, such as fog and rainbows. An amazing place!

The current is quite fast. During the season, you can kayak on the Trebizond River, as the guide says. And you can also swim here in a specially designated place. But the water temperature is about 18 degrees, keep in mind. It is said that this place is very popular with the locals as a place for picnics and leisure activities. I don't know. In January, when we were there, I did not notice a large influx, although there were quite a lot of tourists.

A calm backwater.

What gorgeous cereal panicles, aren't they?

The Kravice waterfalls are very beautiful! In Bosnia and Herzegovina, nature is a little different, more restrained than in Montenegro, and such rare beauty fills the space and changes the mood for the better, if suddenly you are depressed. I highly recommend it. They got high. I hope you enjoy it too!


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