We visited the city with the euphonious name of Jajce for the sake of the Pliv waterfall, located on the Vrbas River. The city is so called because its founder, Duke Hrvoje Vukcic Hrvatinic, built a fortress by analogy with the same one near Naples, whose name was Uovo, which means "egg" in translation. Here.

It looks like a Christmas tree.

The multicolored car industry.

The fortress is in the Egg. In the photo, the Tower of St. Luke and the ruins of St. Mary's Church.

It is worth noting that the Balkans love red cars.

The Pliva River ends with a waterfall, this is its mouth. With this waterfall, Pliva merges with Vrbas.

It is believed that the Pliva River used to flow into the Vrbas more calmly, but because of the tuff, which is easily eroded, the water drained part of the rock and formed a spectacular waterfall. At the same time, over time, even the formed waterfall changes its appearance. After the 1996 flood, part of the cliff collapsed again, damaging the observation deck.

Today, the Plivsky Waterfall and the observation deck look like this.

A little icing.

Due to the fine drizzle, ice forms all around. It must be surprisingly fresh here in summer.

It was incredibly slippery on the playground itself. If you go in winter, take the cats. Look at the beautiful icicles around the perimeter.

Regarding the rest of the party in the Egg, this was waiting for us again. I couldn't really eat anywhere, and there were some very strange places.

In one of the cafes near the Plivsky waterfall, our grandfather met us with a newspaper and glared at our dissatisfied auras, because apart from kebab and fries, there was only a strange-looking pizza to eat.

But it was sunny here, which immediately raised the degree of comfort, regardless, so to speak, of tolerance.

In short, if you've already got here, then go to the Fortress, then tell me what's there. We never got there. 🖖


March 19, 2024 04:47 pm



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Turanga Leela
November 10, 2022 12:40 am
And what will the 'egg' be in Bosnian?
Lana Gardmann
November 11, 2022 09:05 pm