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Montenegro. General impressions


Montenegro is an amazing country. You begin to understand this from the window of the porthole.

First of all, and all the time it blows your head off the unimaginable natural beauty. You just don't understand how this is possible in such a concentration in such a space. It's just super nature. The superposition of being. It is a very beautiful country.

The second is the climate. If you are a Southerner, then in a sense you are adapted to a warm climate. Residents of the middle zone did not dream of such an abundance of sun in winter and it is perceived extremely positively. Our trip took place in January. I guess it's a little hot here in summer.

The month of January.

Infrastructure. We traveled in a rented car and noted the high quality of the roads. It's one thing to pave roads on the plain, another in the mountains. I still have a lot of technical questions about how this is even possible.

The shops. They are mainly represented by large chain supermarkets, if you plan to rent apartments, then adequate food is provided.

“Voli”. A local supermarket chain.

Restaurants. It is very tasty in Montenegro. They are prepared mainly from fresh seasonal products, there are many fish restaurants. There are also plenty of offers for European tastes, from pizza to steaks. Street food is represented by palachinki (pancakes) with fillings, I highly recommend it. Delicious!

Habitation. During our trip, we lived in both hotels and apartments. I definitely want to note that in budget versions it can be cool in winter. People are heating themselves with pellets, electricity is expensive, so take warm clothes. But everywhere there is a very delicious smell of firewood.

People. Montenegrins are friendly people. If you learn the basic expressions, then the location is provided for you. Montenegrins are calm. During our stay, starting from the airport and during all communications, there were no complaints about this. There are many of our compatriots. Those who live here for permanent residence are rather cool. Well, they can be understood. Once I was walking in Becici and a dog jumped out, and she turned out to be quite friendly.

It's just very beautiful here! I won't talk about karma ;)

Perhaps this cat symbolizes the deep zen that absorbs you if you come to Montenegro to relax.


March 18, 2024 04:35 am



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