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Skadar Lake. Beyond


Skadarsko jezero, Shkoder (alb. Shkodër) or Skadar Lake (Skadarsko; chernog. Skadarsko; obsolete: Skutari Lake, Skanderskoe, Skadr, Skadara, Skutari), Lake Skadar, Shkodra Lake is the largest lake of the Balkan Peninsula, located on the territory of Montenegro and Albania.

The water surface area of the lake is about 390 km2, of which about 2/3 of the lake belongs to Montenegro, the rest belongs to Albania. Wiki.

Even if you place 100 cool photos of Skadar Lake and you see them from the screen, consider that you have not seen them. You have to be there. It is difficult to imagine a more realistic presence on the planet…

Skadar Lake is a national park and nature reserve. There is a hubbub of some birds, fish swim and all sorts of rare plant species grow. Such an oasis of wild life.

The scale of the Skadar Lake is amazing. It's just like the eyes of the sky, just as huge and unimaginable.

Lake Skadar is protected by the United Nations and is one of the National Parks of Montenegro. There are five ornithological reserves on its territory (Manastyrska Tapia, Grmozur, Crny-Zar, Pantseva-Oka, Manastyrski-Vrbis) and two ichthyological (underground springs and Muritsa beach).

These are just fantastic worlds. Words cannot convey it. You can just stand on the shore and be absent from the body. You can just be this lake if you want. It is absolutely outrageous.

No, it's not 3D. Amazing, isn't it?

Here the slogan is unambiguous - "Instead of a thousand words..."


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