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Podgorica is the capital under the mountain


Ask me, would I like to live in Montenegro? And I will say yes. And if it's Podgorica? And my answer is no. So yes or no?!

Flattened by the coast, we arrived in the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica. The contrast was striking. The city and the city. Capital. Houses, cars, asphalt, advertising. City people. Work.

Josip Broz "Tito" is a Yugoslav revolutionary, political, state, military and party leader. The leader of Yugoslavia from 1945 to 1980

January, before Christmas. Pampas grass gives out a climatic zone.

We drove around the city. A bright, clean southern city.

Monument to Vladimir Vysotsky in Podgorica.

The monument to Vysotsky is located near the place called the "Moscow Bridge". This is a pedestrian bridge over the Moraca River.

The bridge was a gift from the city of Moscow to the people of Montenegro and was supposed to emphasize the close friendly ties between the two cities. Wiki.

Moskovsky Bridge in Podgorica. About 2 million euros were spent on the construction of the 105 m long bridge.

The Moracha River. The Millennium Bridge.

The Millennium Bridge in Podgorica.

The Moracha River.

The advertisement should be red. And cars too.

In the backyard.

Equestrian monument to King Nicola I. I was surprised, after Googling, by the reviews of tourists "monument as monument". Yes, the monument as a monument was written about by people as people. The horse is a bit strong, really.

City streets.

Drops. Juniper and tujaka.

Even in the capital, laundry is dried on the streets. It's just some kind of local feature. But I understand them, there is nothing more delicious than the smell of laundry dried in the wind.

The interior of the residential complex. Landscape design in the art-house style.

I won't tell you what it is. Because now I don't understand myself and I don't remember whether it's a reflection or street art.

Minimalism, which I quietly adore. A landing mink. Surprisingly.

The city life of Podgorica.

And this is a very tasty and, as it turned out, pretentious restaurant. We were served by an elderly waiter and it was clear that his monastery had its own rules, which we do not know. Sometimes it slips by, but here it was just kind of awkward, or something. Maybe because we didn't order oysters?

Total. Podgorica. Capital. City. If you love cities, you will be comfortable. There are places to walk, things to see, beautiful bridges, and delicious snacks. But for some reason I was dragged back to the coast. It's completely different there…

Well, the answer to the question is why I would not want to live in Podgorica. Just because it's a city)


March 19, 2024 02:52 pm



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