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Carmel Market in Tel Aviv

Carmel Market

Carmel Market (Shuk ha-Carmel) is the largest and most popular market in Tel Aviv. In Israel, it is customary to buy the freshest fruits, vegetables, cheeses, nuts and spices in the markets. In addition, prices in the markets are significantly lower than those set in stores. In recent years, the markets have acquired a cult status, where it is customary to gather in a gastro cafe after shopping and have a good time.

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Overview of Carmel Market

Cafe in the Carmel market

The Carmel Market has been operating since 1920, becoming part of the great history of Tel Aviv. As for many decades, the main activity in the market begins before Shabbat on Thursdays and Fridays. And although it is difficult to move around the market these days due to the large crowd of people, you will definitely be charged with the energy of a real Israeli "Shuk".

Shuk ha-Karmel is conditionally divided into two parts: the lower one is counters with food and fresh products, the upper one is showcases with clothes and various electronics.

A huge selection of cheeses

On the streets adjacent to the Carmel Market, you will find dozens of cafes of famous Israeli chefs. Even if buying groceries was not part of your plan, it is definitely worth visiting the market.

Working hours

The market is open from Sunday to Thursday from 07:00 to 18:00, however, it is worth remembering that 18:00 is only the closing time – some counters can work until nightfall, and many sell the remaining goods with mind-blowing discounts. In winter, the opening hours of the market are reduced to 16:00.

On Fridays, the market is open from 07:00 to 14:00, but the end time may vary depending on the month. You need to focus on the time of the onset of Shabbat – minus two hours.

The market is closed on Saturdays.


March 29, 2024

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