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Jaffa Clock Tower

Jaffa Clock Tower

The Jaffa Clock Tower (or Migdal haShaon Yaffo) was erected in 1901 in the center of the Jaffa city square and is one of seven similar monuments of the late Ottoman era. The small area under the clock is called the "Clock Square".

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Overview of Jaffa Clock Tower

Currently, it is an iconic landmark located inside the charming Old Jaffa and attracts both locals and tourists. The clock shows local time, but in the past, two of the four dials showed Greenwich time.

The History of Jaffa Clock Tower

The construction was carried out at the expense of donations from the communities of Jaffa, Arabs, Armenians, Maronites and Jews. The clockwork was made by Moritz Schoenberg, a Jewish watchmaker from Rishon Lezion who owned several shops on a nearby street. The German style of the tower is explained by the fact that the tower was built according to the project of Baruch Papirmeister from Rishon Lezion, who studied in Germany.

The tower was built in honor of the 25th anniversary of the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the windows of the tower are decorated with figured bars that symbolize the historical moments of Jaffa.


March 29, 2024

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