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Abrasha Park in Jaffa

Abrasha Park

Abrasha Park (the old name of Gan haPisgah) is a magical place where the old and new worlds connect. Here you can find archaeological ruins dating back 3,500 years, enjoy the views of the coast, and listen to free concerts by local performers in the amphitheater every Saturday at 9 p.m.

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Overview of Abrasha Park

The entire park is planted with date palms, among which there is a neatly laid out alley. At the top of the park is the hill of Rejoicing, which is famous for its beauty. It is said that it is named so in honor of the fact that it is impossible to resist its majestic appearance.

Daniel Kafri's Statue of Faith

At the top of the hill there is the Gate of Faith (Daniel Kafri's Statue of Faith), which is a four-meter sculpture in the Art Nouveau style, symbolizing the essence and existence of the Jews in the Promised Land. Three events are depicted in her composition: the sacrifice of Abraham Yitzhak, the capture of Jericho and the invasion of Jewish troops into Israel, as well as Jacob's dreams.

There are many grassy lawns in the park where children can play comfortably, and you can also find abandoned cannons built during the conquest of Jaffa by Napoleon in 1799.


March 29, 2024

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