Wat Suthat Temple

Wat Suthat Temple

Wat Suthat Temple (full name Wat Suthat Thepwararam Ratchaworamahawihan) or as it is commonly called the Big Swing Temple — has the rank of Rachavoramahawihan, the title of the highest-ranking Royal Temple in Bangkok.

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Overview of Wat Suthat Temple

It holds a special place in the national religion because of its association with the brahmin priests, who hold annual ritual ceremonies here.The construction of Wat Suthat in the center of Rattanakosin Island began in 1872 during the reign of Rama I and was completed 40 years later under Rama III.

Wat Suthat Temple and giant swing

In Wat Suthat, you can see a giant Buddha statue and many smaller sculptures, rich carved teak doors and walls with beautiful paintings.

Wat Suthat has become a popular tourist attraction due to the 27 m high teakwood structure installed at the entrance called the "Giant Swing" or Giant Swing. A monumental red frame stands in the center of the square. Two pillars connected by a crossbar were used in an ancient Brahmin ceremony dedicated to the harvest festival.

The Viharn at Wat Suthat Temple in Bangkok is surrounded by a gallery with 150 gilded Buddha sculptures

Near the walls of the viharna (a temple with images of the Buddha, where lay people come to pray) there are many Chinese stone sculptures and multi-level pagodas. All of them were brought from China in the 19th century during the time of the Thai monarchs' fascination with Chinese culture.


March 27, 2024

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