Ulcinj is the southernmost town on the Montenegrin coast, located almost at the border with Albania on picturesque hills. There is not a single industrial enterprise within a radius of 100 km from Ulcinj, so this place is considered unique and the most attractive for tourists.

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About Ulcinj

Ulcinj Marina

Nature was very generous to this part of the Adriatic coast, creating a unique colorful mosaic of magnificent contrasts, the center of which was Ulcinj. This area has a beautiful clear sea, the green-eyed Bojana River and the island of Ada with its famous delta, the magnificent lake Shas (Šasko Jezero), a relict olive grove, the picturesque bay of Valdanos, healing springs, a pine forest with its enchanting aroma and stunning sandy beaches.

For several centuries, Ulcinj was considered a large pirate nest on the shores of the Adriatic. Pirates from Malta, Algeria, and Tunisia, along with local treasure hunters, spread fear throughout the Mediterranean. Today, the reflection of the historical past in Ulcinj can be seen in stylized restaurants, and some pirate treasures can be viewed in the local museum.

What to see

View of Ulcinj

Since the city has changed its rulers many times, its architectural appearance is full of diversity, in which oriental motifs are clearly expressed. The proximity to the border with Albania plays an important role here – the prevailing majority of Albanians living here profess Islam. The symbolism of the intertwining of cultures is reflected in the city's Historical Museum, located in a former mosque that was once rebuilt from a church.

The Old Town is divided into the Upper Town (Citadel) and the Lower Town. The citadel in Ulcinj is legendary – it was here, imprisoned in a fortress, that the great Spanish writer Cervantes created the image of Dulcinea, the girl from Ulcinj, adored by Don Quixote.

Sightseeing in Ulcinj:

Ulcinj Archaeological Museum

Balsic Tower (Kula Balsica)

The Palace of Venice (Palata Venezia)

The Tivat Solila Bird Sanctuary

The ruins of the city of Svach

What to do

Ulcinj Old Town

In addition to sightseeing and hiking, you can find a lot of active entertainment in Ulcinj. Among them:

Water skiing

Ulcinj, with its long beaches, is rightfully considered one of the best places for water skiing in the entire Adriatic. You can get a shot of adrenaline here on almost any beach.

Diving in Ulcinj

The legendary military past of Ulcinj rests at the bottom of the sea and is a unique place for diving. Ulcinj, with its licensed diving clubs, is one of the best dive sites in Montenegro. The diving season in Ulcinj starts in April and ends in October.


The winds in the area of the Big Beach and near the Bojana River have an optimal speed and direction. The Ulcinj Riviera is very popular with kitesurfers. There is a kitesurfing school on the 13-kilometer-long Large Beach.


Ulcinj is amazing from a bird's eye view, so if you want to see the entire seashore, the Bojana River, Ada Bojana Island and its delta, Lake Shas, the Old Town and Valdanos Bay, then you need to try paragliding. Book your tour in advance – the demand for this service in Ulcinj is great.

Other entertainment

All conditions have been created in Ulcinj for fans of beach sports: volleyball, football, basketball. There are tennis courts and handball courts in the city.

You can use car camping in Ada Boyana and on other beaches, this type of leisure is more suitable for lovers of wild recreation.

Beach holidays

Miami Beach in Ulcinj

Ulcinj with its famous sandy beaches is one of the most attractive areas of Montenegro. The coastline here stretches for more than 30 km. There are 18 picturesque bays and Valdanos Beach in the mountainous part of the Ulcinj Riviera. Due to its geographical location, Ulcinj boasts the warmest sea, a large number of sunny days a year and a huge variety of subtropical vegetation.

The sandy beaches of Ulcinj

Ada Bojana Beach (Plaža Ada Bojana)

Miami Beach (Plaža Miami Beach)

Safari Beach (Plaža Safari)

MSM Beach (Plaža MCM)

Kite Surf Dolcinium Beach (Plaža Kite Surf Dolcinium)

Tampico Beach (Plaža Tampico)

Toni Grill Beach (Plaža Toni Grill)

Tropicana Beach (Plaža Tropicana)

Ivana Beach (Plaža Ivana)

Mojito Beach (Plaža Mojito)

Coco Beach (Plaža Coco)

Big and Small beaches (Velika i Mala plaža)

Adriatic Beach (Plaža Adriatica)

Saranda Beach (Plaža Saranda Beach)

Copacabana Beach (Plaža Copacabana)

Rocky and pebbly beaches

Albatros Beach (Plaža Albatros)

Aquarius Beach (Plaža Aquarius)

Women's beach (Ženska plaža)

Valdanos Beach (Plaža Valdanos)

Liman II Beach (Plaža Liman II)

Sapore di Mare Beach (Plaža Sapore di Mare)

How to get

The Rocks of Ulcinj

From the airports of Tivat and Podgorica, Ulcinj can be reached by car, bus or taxi via Bar or Budva. More than 10 direct and passing flights depart from the bus station in Podgorica daily towards Ulcinj. The travel time is from one and a half to three hours, depending on the route.

Another option is to get from Podgorica airport to Ulcinj via the Podgorica – Bar railway line. It is convenient to get from the Bar to Ulcinj by bus or taxi.

Where to stay


Ulcinj hotels offer guests accommodation of various levels, but most of them are small boarding houses and apartments. There are few apartments in the Old Town, besides, this part of the city is located far from the coastline. When choosing a hotel in the city, pay attention to its location — the resort is quite prominent, and even a short walk to the beach and back can become "entertaining", especially in hot weather.

Where to eat in Ulcinj

There are enough good and inexpensive restaurants in Ulcinj, they are located on almost every corner.

Establishments, as a rule, work "until the last customer". In the menu of most restaurants you can find not only meat, but also seafood. In Ulcinj, you can taste national Albanian dishes in cafes and restaurants on the coast.

Shopping and shopping

The market in Ulcinj

In the Old Town, as well as in the newer part of it, you can buy antiques, artificial leather and silk products, jewelry and ethnic souvenirs, for example, a silver or copper tray with a coffee pot, known by the Turkish name "dzhezva".

Nightlife in Ulcinj

Ulcinj Embankment at night

Concerts, performances by famous performers, dance and show programs, and karaoke are often held in Ulcinj and its surroundings.


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