Located in an intermountain basin at the foot of the Lovcen mountain range, the ancient capital of Montenegro, Cetinje, is a real museum city founded back in the 13th century.

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About the city

Cetinje has an interesting status – according to the Constitution of Montenegro, Cetinje is one of the capitals along with Podgorica, it houses the official residence of the President of the Republic and the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro.

It will also be interesting to know that due to its geographical location, Cetinje is the rainiest European capital, since it is located in a temperate continental climate, which is not typical for the usual resorts of Montenegro.

What to see in Cetinje

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in Jaipur

Cetinje is rightfully the cultural capital of Montenegro, so most sightseeing tours here are associated with local historical sites.

The Cetinje Monastery preserves a particularly revered Christian relic — the right hand of John the Baptist and a fragment of the Life-Giving Cross, which once belonged to the Maltese Order, and then were kept for a long time in Russia, in the Winter Palace. There is a huge collection of icons in the collection of exhibits of Vladin house. The Filerm icon of the Virgin Mary is kept here, which, according to legend, was painted by the Holy Apostle Luke during the earthly life of the Mother of God.

What to do

Facade of Cetinje Monastery, Cetinje, Montenegro

Even a simple walk through the park in Cetinje will be a great pleasure – this city is surprisingly atmospheric. Here you can visit:

Cetinje Monastery

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Monument to Ivan Crnoevich

National Museum of Montenegro

The Museum of King Nikola I

Ethnographic Museum of Montenegro

Billiard Palace (Residence of Peter Negosh)

Palace Square

3D relief map

Vlaska Church

Royal Zetski dom Theatre

The Blue Palace

Lipskaya Cave

Lovcen National Park

Djukanovic's Mansion

How to get

Air travel

The nearest airport to Cetinje is in Podgorica.


The nearest railway station to Cetinje is in Virpazar, through which the international express train Bar — Belgrade runs.


Cetinje is connected to other regions of the country by highways of national importance. The Podgorica – Cetinje – Budva motorway is the way to the Adriatic coast. All shuttle buses from Podgorica to Budva and further to the Bay of Kotor stop in Cetinje.


April 25, 2024

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