Nikšić is an administrative center in Montenegro, located in the Nikšić Valley at the foot of Mount Trebjesa. It is the second most populous city after Podgorica. It is also the industrial center of Montenegro thanks to iron and steel production plants, as well as a brewery, which makes it famous not only in Montenegro, but also in the Balkan countries. Niksic has the largest bauxite reserve in Europe, which is also mined here.

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The city was founded by the Romans in the IV century and was called "Anagastum". After the Ottomans captured it, it became a fortress and got its current name. An important period in the development of the city came during the reign of Tsar Nikola I Petrovich-Negosh. The architectural plan of the city was developed during this period, it was implemented by engineer Josip Slade, the author of the famous Lovcensky serpentine. During the World Wars, Niksic was not completely destroyed, but needed reconstruction. During the breakup of Yugoslavia, many factories were closed. Now most of the factories have been restored and are being developed.

What to see in Niksic

Monument to fallen soldiers near Trebjesom (Spomenik palim borcima pod Trebjesom)

There are several interesting sights in Niksic:

Tsarev Bridge

St. Basil's Cathedral of Ostrog

The Palace of King Nikola

House of Revolution

Ruins of the fortress of Bedem

The central square

Zhupa Monastery

Monument to fallen soldiers near Trebjes

Vuchye Ski Resort

Peruchitsa Hydroelectric Power Station

The brewery "Trebjesa" (Pivara Trebjesa), which produces light and dark beer "Nikšičko" (Nikšičko Pivo).

What to do

The picturesque surroundings of Niksic


In the vicinity of Niksic there is a picturesque Trebjes forest park area, a natural attraction through which many tourist routes pass. In addition, there are several national parks on the territory of Niksic:

Krupac Lake (Krupačko jezero)

Red Rock (Crvena Stijena)

Slivski ponor (Ponor Slivski)


Lakes Vrtac (Vrtac) and Krupac (Kgiras), located in the north-west of Niksic, are a popular place for swimming and fishing among the local population.

Winter sports

The Vuchye Ski Center, located in the canyon of the Komarnitsa River 17 km from the city, is an excellent place for beginners of downhill skiing and snowboarding due to its small and gentle slopes.

Festivals in Niksic

Every year Niksic becomes a venue for international festivals. Traditionally, "September Days" are held at the end of August: theatrical and cinematographic evenings, exhibitions, and musical concerts. As part of these events, famous Montenegrin writers and poets gather in Niksic.

How to get

You can get to Niksic by following the route Bar — toll tunnel Sozina — Podgorica — Niksic — Shavnik — Zabljak.

By car

There are several options to get from Budva to Niksic: by the M2.3 road or through the Boko Kotor Bay. The second route is much more picturesque, along the way there is a Slano lake.

By bus

Bus services depart from Budva to Niksic from morning to evening. Travel time: 2.5 – 3 hours.

By train

It is convenient to get to Niksic by rail from Podgorica, but it will be more difficult from the coast: first, take the Bar — Podgorica train with a transfer to the Podgorica — Niksic route.

Where to stay

Onogost Hotel in Niksic

Although Niksic is not a center of tourist activity, the hotel service here is developed at a high level – there are many hotels and apartments in the city where you can get a comfortable enough place to sleep and relax. The most popular hotels for guests are:

Atrium Hotel

Hotel Yugoslavia

Trebjes Hotel

Hotel Vukov Bridge

The Onogost Hotel

Koliba Apartotel

The Royal Garden Hotel

Where to eat in Niksic

Niksic has several good restaurants offering traditional Montenegrin and European cuisine. This is a restaurant at the Trebjesa Motel, Forest, Vukov most, Marshall and others. There is a large restaurant by the water and a place to relax on Krupac Lake.


April 25, 2024

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