Bang Pa-In Palace in Ayuthaya

Bang Pa-In Palace

The Bang Pa-In Summer Royal Palace was built by King Prasat Thong and represents a fusion of architectural cultures of the West and the East. The buildings are made in Thai, Khmer, Chinese and European styles.

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Overview of Bang Pa-In Palace

Bang Pa–In

The Bang Pa-In Palace complex was used by the monarchs of Thailand as a summer residence. After the fall of Ayutthaya, the capital migrated from Ayutthaya to Bangkok and Bang Pa–In was forgotten for a long time.

Today, the territory of the Palace is divided into 2 zones: one of them is intended for the recreation of the royal family, and the other, the outer zone is open to visitors.

According to the Bang Pa-in travel guide, there are many tourist attractions on the territory of the summer residence:

The Temple of King Prasat Thong (Hem Montein Tewa Raja), built in the Khmer style by King Mongkut in addition to the existing buildings of King Prasat Thong.

The Aisawan Thiphya-Asana Royal Pavilion is a replica of the Arporn Phimok Prasart Pavilion in Bangkok.

BangPa–In, the royal residence in Ayutthaya

Vropas Phimarn Palace in the style of the Greco-Corinthian Order. It was built for a royal ceremony or reception of high-ranking guests. In addition to the ceremonial hall, there are ancient weapons, carved statues and other museum valuables.

Saphakan Ratchaprayun is an assembly hall opposite the Vropas Phimarn Palace.

Tewa Raja Kunlai Gate (Tewa Raja Kunlai) at the top of the bridge, which connects the two zones of Bang Pa-In.

Uthayarn Phum Satein is a wooden palace in the style of a Swiss chalet. After a fire in 1938, the palace burned down and was restored by King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The Vehas Jumrune Palace is executed in the Chinese style and is used as a winter palace. The palace was built by the local millionaire Lord Shoduk for King Chulalongkorn. The palace has a Chinese name — Tien Meng Toy. The architecture and artistic style of this building are masterpieces, each wall has wood carvings, tiles, and the interiors are decorated with Chinese furniture and decor.

Chinese–style palace on the territory of Bang Pa-In complex, Ayutthaya, Thailand

The Bubpha Prapas Royal Pavilion was built by King Chulalongkorn in the garden next to the Wehas Jumrun Palace for relaxing and admiring the flower garden.

Vitule Tassana Tower (Vitule Tassana Tower) next to the royal pavilion Bubpha Prapas was built to observe the surroundings from a height, it offers an amazing view of the picturesque landscapes of the province.

Monument to Queen Sunanda Kumariratana (Queen Sunanta Kumarirat Monument) and Raja Nusorn. These monuments were erected in memory of the members of the royal family who died while crossing the Chauphraya River.


March 27, 2024

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