The Alanya Fortress

The Alanya Fortress

The Alanya Fortress (Alanya Kalesi) – a massive fortress surrounded by walls of total length 6 km on a small hilltop peninsula in the center of Alanya. From the top you have an incredible view of the city, Rocks of Cilvarda cape, the Red Tower, Cleopatra Beach and the lighthouse.

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The Alanya Fortress on map

Overview of The Alanya Fortress

View from the Alanian fortress

History and Facts of the Alanya Fortress

The first mention of the fortress was made by geographer Scylax of Caryanda in the 4th century BC, when he mentioned Alanya as Koracesium. In the 2nd century BC, Koracesium became a center of piracy due to its advantageous marine location, good overview, and impenetrable walls at a great height.

After the Corinthian War, the fortress became part of the Roman Empire, the inner part of the city was supplemented with buildings. This fact is testified by Roman coins, which can be seen in the Alanya Museum.

Entrance to the inner fortress Ehmedek

During the Byzantine era, the fortress was known as Kalonoros (translated as 'Beautiful Mountain'). At the same time, a church was built within the citadel of Ičkale, walls with round towers inside the middle fortress.

Sultan Ala ad-Din Key-Kubad I in 1221, after his marriage to the daughter of the ruler of the time, Kyr Varte, took hold of the fortress. The first thing he did was change its name from Kalonoros to Alaiye (which it held until 1935).

The Sultan made Alaiye a maritime center of the Seljuk Kingdom, reinforced old and built new walls. During the reign of the Sultan were built: the Red Tower, large cisterns for storing rainwater, Shipyard Tersane, Cannon House, palace complex, Aksebe Mosque, Andizly Mosque, baths and inner fortresses of The Alanya Citadel (Ic Kale) and Ehmedek.

What to see

It is pleasant to walk around the fort territory among the green trees, ancient stones and beautiful historical structures.

The Landscape of Alanya Fortress

You can visit Sultanahmet Mosque, Traditional House (Kültür Evi), inner fortresses of Ic Kale and Ehmedek, Old Bazaar and other places.

The Kültür Evi Museum in Alanya Fortress

On the territory there are several hotels and cafes where it is nice to have a cup of Turkish coffee.

Nearly everywhere offers stunning views.

View of the Port and Lighthouse from the fortress of Alanya

How to get there

The best way to get to the castle is by cable car from Cleopatra's Beach, but you can also walk from the Red Tower or take a car.

Cable car to the fortress of Alanya

Opening hours

You can walk around the area at any time, but you can only visit Ic Kale and Ehmedek from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in the winter time (from November to March) or from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm in the summer (from April to October).

Cost of visiting

Visiting the territory is free, but the entrance to the fortresses of Ic Kale and Ehmedek is paid separately (a single ticket for both fortresses is 65TL).


May 11, 2023

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