Alanya is one of the most beloved resorts in Turkey with stunning nature and atmospheric ruins, unforgettable panoramic views, caves, a lighthouse and, of course, the main symbol of the city: the Red Tower of Kyzyl Kule.

Top places and attractions in Alanya

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Due to its location, there are almost no cold winds in Alanya, and sandy beaches make the city conducive to a pleasant beach holiday.

The city has excellent infrastructure, a large number of shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels. The infinitely long embankments are ideal for running training and walking.

The azure-blue color of the water of Cleopatra Beach against the background of golden sand creates the feeling of a Bounty beach.

Alanya is rich in its sights and entertainment, which are really interesting and fascinating:

Alanya Fortress and its citadels Ich-Kale and Ehmedek

Damlatash Cave

Lighthouse and port


Zipline between mountains

Viewing platforms from which fascinating views open


May 01, 2023

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