The best Museums in Vesturland

Museum in Akranes
Akranes Folk Museum
The Akranes Folk Museum (Byggðarsafnið) is a historical place in the city of Akranes, dating back to 1959, when the museum was founded. Ten years earlier,...
Museum in Vesturland
Borgarnes Museum
The Borgarnes Borgarfjordura Museum (Safnahús Borgarfjarðar) is a community center, archive and library of Borgarnes....
Museum in Vesturland
Eiríksstaðir is the estate of the Viking Eric the Red, who discovered Greenland. There is a turf house in the museum of the cultural heritage of Eirichstadir,...
Museum in Vesturland
Saga Center Grundarfjordur
The Saga Centre Grundarfjordur (Grundarfjördur) is a place that has a library, a tourist information center and Beringstof, a small cinema that shows slide...
Museum in Vesturland
Shark Museum
The Shark Museum (Bjarnarhöfn Shark Museum) is an exhibition detailing the history of shark meat production, the tools used and the process of cooking unique...
Museum in Vesturland
The Snorrastofa Cultural and Medieval Center is a center that was founded in memory of Snorri Sturluson (1179-1241). It is located in his ancient manor, which...
Museum in Stykkisholmur
Vatnasafn Water Museum
The Vatnasafn Water Museum is a "Water Library", a long-term, multifaceted installation in the small town of Stikkisholmur. The central element of the platform...