Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the largest metropolis in Israel, which is a center of innovation, culture and creativity. The city is famous for its stunning beaches, diverse cultural life, fantastic cuisine and active nightlife.

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The history of the city

In 1909, a group of Jewish families from the port city of Jaffa, settled more than seven thousand years ago, founded the city of Tel Aviv. Initially, Tel Aviv was created on the territory adjacent to the border of Jaffa, but in 1950, the two cities were merged into a single municipality with the name Tel Aviv – Jaffa.

The city of youth culture

Tel Aviv has the largest number of art galleries, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs compared to other cities in Israel. The city attracts young entrepreneurs and artists, scientists and cultural figures with its progressivity and pluralism.

The city of sun and beaches

Tel Aviv is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Along the entire coastline of the city there are beautiful sandy public beaches where you can enjoy the warm and hot sun all year round. Even in winter, when the sea may seem cool, the warm pools located on the beaches will be able to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Tel Aviv Neighborhoods

Old Jaffa

Old Jaffa is one of the most ancient port cities in the world. The stunning creative atmosphere of the area, historical sights and magnificent views of the port and lighthouse make this area one of the most beloved among young people.

The streets of Jaffa

Here you can find many mosques and churches, gardens and parks, ancient towers and historical buildings, artists' workshops and art galleries, museums, trendy restaurants and pleasant outdoor cafes.

City Center

The area between Dizengoff Square and Nordau Boulevard is the heart of Tel Aviv City. There are a huge number of galleries, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants here, which makes it a real mecca for everyone who loves shopping, great food and cultural life.

Recreation on Dizengoff Square

Locals and tourists often come to this area to experience the lively atmosphere of the city, stroll through its streets, enjoy street music and learn more about its history. Regardless of whether you visit this area day or night, you are sure to find a lot of interesting and exciting things that will help you better understand Tel Aviv and fall in love with it.

HaYarkon District

The area in the north of the city, which is known for the beautiful green park ha-Yarkon (Ganne Yehoshua) and a calm atmosphere, perfect for a family holiday.

The port of Tel Aviv is located in ha-Yarkon, where you can enjoy not only a beautiful view of the sea, but also buy souvenirs, go shopping or have dinner in one of the many restaurants, bars and cafes.

Sarona District

The area is located in the center of Tel Aviv and is one of the most famous and picturesque areas of the city. The area was founded in 1871 by German settlers who founded the Templar colony. The architecture, street and park plans were designed by Theodor Zendel.

It is pleasant to stroll through the incredibly cozy streets of the "Sarona Colony" between the "gingerbread" houses, which are now home to famous boutiques, shops and restaurants.

The White City District

The Bely Gorod district is the largest collection of buildings in the Bauhaus architectural style in the world.

The district stretches from the northern Ben Gurion Boulevard to the southern Gan Hashmal quarter. The White City was built in the 1930s by German immigrants. The historic buildings of the area were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2003.

It is definitely worth visiting here to enjoy the unique beauty of the buildings and feel the spirit of the history and culture they reflect.

Neve shaanan District (Neve shaanan)

The area in the southern part of Tel Aviv, located near the central bus station of the city. It was founded in the 1920s and has since become a multicultural area where people of different nationalities and religions from different parts of the world live, including China, Sri Lanka, India, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and other countries.

Graffiti in Neva-Shaanan

It is worth a walk here to soak up a special atmosphere of tolerance, enjoy graffiti, dine in restaurants or cafes where traditional cuisine is prepared "for your own".

Neve Tzedek district

One of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods, located in the southern part of Tel Aviv and built outside the city of Jaffa.

The restored houses and streets of the district reflect the romance of the late 19th century, and one of the most iconic places is the Susan Dalal Dance and Theater Center.

Today, the area is a trendy area that is famous for its shops, galleries and restaurants where you can taste national and international cuisine.

The district of Shkhunat Khatikva (HaTikva)

An authentic neighborhood in the south of Tel Aviv. Popular with locals, but underrated among tourists. The main highlight of the area is the ha Tikva market, where you can find a wide selection of not only inexpensive vegetables, fruits and cheeses, but also enjoy Yemeni, Moroccan and Iraqi cuisine in nearby outdoor cafes.


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