The Reykjavik Peninsula

Must see attractions in The Reykjavik Peninsula

The Reykjavik Peninsula
Bridge in The Reykjavik Peninsula
Bridge between continents
The Bridge between the Continents (Brú Milli Heimsálfa) is a landmark on the Reykjavik Peninsula, which is located on one of the main borders of the world's...
Museum in Keflavik
The Duushus (Duushús) Maritime Museum, located in the coastal town of Keflavik, is a center for maritime education and an art museum of art and architecture....
Volcano in The Reykjavik Peninsula
Fagradalsfjall is an active volcano formed during the Ice Age on the Reykjavik Peninsula. It is a relatively young and active volcano on the Reykjavik...
Lake in The Reykjavik Peninsula
Kleifarvatn is the largest lake on the Reykjavik Peninsula, located in the southern part of the peninsula. It is located in the fractured zone of the...
Museum in The Reykjavik Peninsula
Museum of Geothermal Energy
The Powerplant Exhibition is a science museum in the power plant that is dedicated to geothermal energy and its use in Iceland....
Cave in Keflavik
The cave of the Giantess Grila
The cave of the giantess Grila is hidden in a mysterious cave near the marina in Keflavik. Icelandic folklore is rich in fairy tales about elves, trolls and...
Museum in Grindavik
The Icelandic Saltfish Museum
The Museum of Salted Fish (Kvíkan-Saltfisksetur Íslands, Upplýsingamiðstöð ferðamanna) is a museum that will introduce visitors to the history of fish canning...
Museum in Keflavik
Viking World Museum
The Viking World Museum is located on the Reykjavik Peninsula, near Keflavik, and is dedicated to the history of the Vikings in Iceland. The Viking World...