The best Waterfalls in Portugal

Waterfall in Flores
Ribeira Grande Waterfall
The Ribeira Grande Waterfall (Cascata da Ribeira Grande) is a powerful picturesque waterfall with a height of about 180 meters. It is located next to other...
Waterfall in Flores
Cascata da Ribeira do Ferreiro
Cascata da Ribeira do Ferreirois a picturesque waterfall system on futuristic rocks covered with green moss and surrounded by a magnificent tropical landscape....
Waterfall in São Jorge
Cruzal Waterfall
The Cruzal Waterfall or in Portuguese "Waterfall of the Cross" (Cascata do Cruzal) is a picturesque waterfall in the area of Santo Antán in the east of the...
Waterfall in Santa Maria
Cascata Cai-Agua
Cascata Cai-Agua is a double waterfall with a height of about 30 meters. It is located near the Santa Barbara area in the eastern part of Santa Maria Island. A...